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  1. This new image is proving to be a major pain in the ass. What am I doing wrong? I can’t see! 🙁

  2. I’m really getting worried about ol’ Hussein … he seems to be stuck in appeasement mode, instead of tacking to the principles he was elected on.

  3. the first term is about getting re-elected. cut him some slack.

    with JWM’s death is the closing of a chapter. the leaders who were responsible for inviting Bob to the party – Nkomo, Msika and Sithole. Would have loved for him to do a book.

  4. Bugger the book. I have zero respect for any politician who has not actively stood against the Zanu way.
    We all have choices. There might be a rock and a hard place but you still choose either one. I do not want to hear the story of someone who chose the Gravy Train over the Muriwo Chikochikari then writes memoirs to explain their choices and redeem themselves.

    Tekere, as loony, drunk, incoherent or whatever the Zanu propaganda lampooned him to be, had bigger balls than the whole politburo shall ever have. Ndabaningi too. Old Josh is also firmly in my books, as well as a number of backbenchers from the first parliament.

    I stand corrected but I understand Bob had a two-bit part in the original Zanu as some insignificant back office secretary until Rex Nhongo ushered him into prominence. Shit ensued.

  5. And to continue with BD’s logic, the 2nd term you are a lame duck. So politics be damned. I don’t know why any of you are acting all surprised, first and foremost he is a politician.

  6. @Eleanor: Second term is more about doing what you want until the last year where you are a duck.

    @Mos Native: You contradict yourself you can praise uMdala and then condemn JWM. How are the two different in your eyes.

    The reason I talk about the book. He is on record many times saying that the history of the country has been distorted. He is one of the founding fathers of the struggle along with Chikerema, Nyandoro et aliter. Now that’s a story I would love to read and about how they invited Nqabuko Nyongolo to lead them and how Bob and Ndabs followed later. That’s history and fact.

  7. Obama is a charismatic speaker. Klaar.

    @BD –
    Au contraire, monsieur! No contradiction – only lack of clarity!
    Oh, no doubt the history has been fiddled with.
    The most telling sign is the changes to the mural at the heroes acre which depicts liberation fighters – the lead figure in that mural is now Bob – go figure.

    If you can sift through the bullshit and poor editing, Tekere’s shoddy biography also gives a decent account of those heady days; and yes, from that perspective, different accounts (ie incl JWN) of that history would be interesting.

    My gripe is with post 1980…
    I do not want to hear any Zanu politician seeking to explain themselves about why they twiddled thumbs in their E-Classes while the country burned.

  8. Some people are saying “Afa anaka …” blah blah, the dead must be forgiven and allowed to rest.

    Fuck. No. We can’t varnish a legacy, there’s no way to remove the taint of the last 29 years.

  9. Why the change back. actually liked the previous version. us africans are afraid of change.

  10. Had a few technical issues with it, including Google ads and some code injection. Will put it back up when I’ve cleaned it up properly and added a few things.

  11. Well, him being dead ‘n’ all he IS rested and there’s not much anyone can do about that – but ditto JB on the 29-yr thing.

    S T I R L I N G M O R T L O C K ! ! ! ! !

    V S

    J A C Q U E F O U R I E !!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. BTW, (re; the OG post), quite a number of groups seem to be slowly getting disillusioned with His “O”ness. The “Right” in your ‘toon are felling all warm with their ” We told yah!” and the African-Americans are all slightly miffed that he isnt as HOOD as they want him to be. The way he handled the Gates gwan has got them all wound up.

    To steal and twist from Tara, what were they thinking they could trust a black man who clicks his fingers when he dances. 🙂

  13. so when NZ fails you back the Aussies – pathetic. Go Bokke. One win or two bonus points and we are done

  14. Oh no BD!

    My bones are ALL BLACK!
    Been that way since the eighties when that beast Tuigamala showed the pantsy northerners whots whot…

    I hate structured rugby with a passion – Im all for flair – side steps, dummies, wrongfooting, tackles at pace, running from your own try line and all out speed like Forrest!
    Die bokke is playing formal rugby. BORING rugby. Yes, they good at it; yes, they are class players; yes, they are winning games and YES, they could probably still win if they changed tactic, BUT, boy are they BORING STIFFS!!!

    ditto JB, lol U14Bs…

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