The Herald is a cruel joke

The Herald is a magnet for the dumbest, dullest wingnuts in Zimbabwe. Even its editor is a buffoon. In 2008, now-Finance Minister Tendai Biti sued them for flighting articles claiming he was blocking the GNU. They kept publishing the same nonsense.

Here is a story from today’s Herald: “Divisions Rock MDC-T Congress”. How does the article begin?

THE MDC-T congress begins in Bulawayo today amid serious divisions along tribal lines with party leader Mr Morgan Tsvangirai suffering a major embarrassment …

Interesting how divisions already rock a congress that hasn’t even started. The Herald demands your respect! It is a serious news organization!

In February, the paper “reported” on Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai planning to address a rally of MDC youths and rank marshalls outside Town House in Harare. Their reporter refused to see the real youths, in party regalia, besieging the building. Ahem:

Riot police Wednseday sealed off Town House in Harare amid reports that MDC-T had mobilised youths and rank marshals to gather there and be addressed by party leader Mr Morgan Tsvangirai.

Business at Town House came to a halt as council staff left, fearing the meeting could degenerate into violence that characterised Mbare and Budiriro earlier this week when suspected MDC-T youths went on the rampage.

“Amid reports”. Journalism!

There is no end to the idiotic things printed in The Herald. Here’s Wikileaks exposing Tsvangirai’s treason. Here’s a piece on how councillors are fraudulently stealing houses from widows and orphans. Here’s super-patriot Nathaniel Manheru asking why the private media refuses to denounce “sanctions” if they are truly Zimbabwean entities.

Zimpapers knows its (large!) audience of halfwits will eat up any garbage it’s served, and, better yet, the fools will buy any trash that’s for sale (British spies, anyone?)

Thanks to that substantial audience of the nation’s stupidest and most fearful
people, The Herald is actually an influential member in good standing of the State movement. Because of that usefulness to the party, Manheru and his buddies are allowed to persist in the delusion that they are sane and perhaps even respectable. But everyone knows they’re frauds and crackpots.

It takes five minutes of reading that bottomless repository of feverish bullshit to figure that out.