The Obama Deception

I really thought he was the shit. The guy was going to fix this broken world, or at least give us the energy we need to do it ourselves.

Many people around the world thought the Great Black Hope was gonna be able to rise above the usual murky waters of American right-wing politics and simply Do The Right Things.

But as his record on civil liberties, detainee rights and, now, his escalation of WAR demonstrate, he really isn’t Neo.

The man is just another weak, charismatic charlatan.

8 Replies to “The Obama Deception”

  1. my comment was has that idiot acm taken over this site. term one – get re-elected; term two – do as you please.


  2. Hate to be the “told you so” asshole but..

    Obama has done alright in some areas. When it comes to war and industry though, new boss same as the old boss.

  3. Why are we surprised by this. He is first and foremost a politician, and will do what it takes to ensure his political survival. and that 18-month deadline he has set, well, that is just deluded. Afghanistan will not be won by military might alone.

    And as for the Canadians, even China is looking at the earth-annihilating efforts in green(slant)-eyed envy.

  4. No argument. I’d love to be all patriotic and defend it but the Tar Sands are a blight on our nation.

    The scale is like nothing you could imagine. Unfortunately, there is so much money tied up in it that I don’t have any hope towards its downsizing unless magically people give up oil in the next decade.

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