The pleasure principle

My gosh, that was a good Saturday.

Since I went to bed at ten on Friday night, I was rather keen on Saturday morning. I started by going to my nephew’s pre-school graduation in the morning.

Imagine my surprise to find DJ Robbie Tee on the decks, with Kelly Rusike’s Jazz Invitation providing the live tunes. I left just as the ceremonies were ending and the braai was being lit, but damn, what a creche.

Drank all afternoon at the Scud & Nanny with Tongs, watched some (frankly disappointing) league basketball at PE, then returned to the Scud for the Kiwi rugby game.

And we finished a bottle of Famous Grouse.

We eventually went to Liquid Lounge for Robbie’s birthday party, and my gosh, Africans can paaaaartay! Since my life I haven’t seen the place that packed, which is testament to either Robbie Tee’s pulling power or the level of boredom in Harare.

The place was rocking, and Baron was trying to kill me with alcohol, the missus was joying and even Eddie Fresh was out on the lash. Good times were had.

Until some random female felt up my butt.

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  1. dig the last bit. was in windhoek for Namibia v Tunisia. Good game Namibia won 22-10 but was ruined by the mass brawl. just finished writing six reports.

    so I think we know who had the better weekend.

  2. Rose Acre? I only ask as my family started that creche and am wondering how it’s doing nowadays.

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