The plot. She thickens!

They say it was an accident. I’m not so sure, but will wait for further details.

Strange, though, that of three vehicles, the truck driver managed to sideswipe just Morgan’s.

RIP Susan, get well soon MT.

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  1. Accident, bah, this is He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named’s M.O. My heart is so heavy… Seriously, were these mafioso tactics really warranted?

  2. are you trying to get her to commit defamation?

    In Zimbabwe the law of criminal defamation is still on the statute books. She maybe in another jurisdiction but a warrant can still be issued for her arrest.

    Bad behaviour Black. Very bad behaviour.

    Anyway Vim, like you my heart is heavier than heavy. It’s sadder than sad. We know how things work in this country and until I see otherwise, I doubt the veracity of the reports that we are being given.

  3. My bad, o legal adviser, I was just looking for a straight answer, that’s all. But we don’t DO straight talk in Zim, do we?

    Anyway, it’s a really sad development, and I can only echo those calling for a full and transparent investigation of this thing. It has already poisoned the political climate at home, and if it really is an accident, the sooner that’s made clear the better.

  4. Going back to a comment in the previous post, I wouldn’t put it past MT to have a (significantly) younger lady in waiting somewhere in the wings. He may not be consciously aware of her as a potential Mrs Prime Minister. But I reckon there is someone destined to be it. You all know how hard it is for these men to stay single in the potentially lonely position of Head(ish) of State.

    I wonder if this potential mate knows it yet! I give the whole thing 2 years on the assumption that MT lasts as long.

    And another thing. Ent it funny how Zimbabweans never die of genuine natural causes or a blatant accident. It is always someone’s juju got a 96 year old with full blown AIDS related pneumonia or a car with worn out brake lines and tires coincidentally got the one car that an important opposition leader who recently became Head (-ish of state) was riding in.

  5. 1) Kuti MT has a small house? Really? Knowing the way he’s been an enemy of the state, I reckon he’s been under some pretty impressive surveillance.

    And I trust any small house would have been splashed across the Herald and Sunday Mail.

    2) What if it IS a genuine accident, what then?

  6. The one lesson from this is ‘kids wear your seatbelts’. So what do we think is the going rate for a hit job on a head(ish) of state? Coz those okes from Guinea Bissau could give us a lesson or two on how these things should be done.

  7. Guinea Bissau? Look closer to home, I reckon there’s some chinas down South who’d do you a “solid” for two Castles and a toke.

  8. well then if this was an attempt then the organisation wld have to ake into account the speed of the targeted vehicle so as to calculate the approximate time it would get to said target area and then they would have to calculate and initiate an appropriate speed for the targeting vehicle so that it would hit the area with the debris… swerve into the target vehicle and hit it with enough force to cause it to go into a dealy spin….

    now let us also not forget that the said area is an accident hotspot

  9. Seriously, how does MT know that this was an accident?

    If some random guy walks up and starts shooting at you, how do you know that he a) has been hired to kill you, b) is just trying to mug anyone, or c) is a Columbine-type lunatic.
    MT is just as clueless as the rest of us in knowing whether this was an accident or not. And right now I am more suspicious of his assertion that it was an accident than I am that Zanu is clear.
    Why is he so certain that this was not an attempt?

    While Bob may not be personally responsible, that does not stop any JOC or other Zanu top dog with all to lose from staging this attempt. In all probability, Bob will not face jail time for anything, but his security chiefs very well may – look at the Nazi, Balkans and Great Lakes Security Chiefs who were hunted down well after the leader was gone. He shall plead senility, old age, unfit to stand trial etc and he will get it… Its the other buggers who will be up shit creek. They, more than Bob, want this whole GNU, power-sharing shenanigan to stop.

    Here’s my theory. Assuming the top paragraph to be reasonable, some JOC top brass tries to knock off MT to plunge the country back into chaos and hence security forces control; Bob hears of this and rushes to stop MT from making accusations and hence falling into the trap – Bob explains to MT that they both come out the losers if MT accuses Bob of the attempt (hence the mad dash by Bob to the Avenues Clinic); MT weighs out his options, pros and cons, and makes his statement that it was an accident. All this to the chagrin of the security chiefs whose plan has come to nought and the MDC and rest of the world who think MT took a bad knock to the head.

  10. @dhlaks – for anyone with a political opinion contrary to Zany logic, every piece of tarmac in Zim is an accident hotspot! particularly that backwater masvingo highway.

    And with regards to the improbability of this being an accident;
    Chris Ushewokunze’s car had two accidents with army vehicles within a thirty km stretch of road both within minutes of each other.
    The first was a minor bump, the second forced him off the road, and there were reports that the (obviously unreleased) first postmortem showed gunshot wounds to the head.

  11. Speculation, Native, that’s all you’re bringing to the table. It’s understandable, but “how does MT know that it was an accident?” is a little far-fetched, even to me.

    Take a fucking pill, brother. However this plays out, I’ll trust the man who’s burying his wife tomorrow. In a “State-assisted funeral”. WTF.

    Dig up old Hitler and stick her in his place. Dammit.

  12. Nothing in science is fact. Its all theory backed up by logic and observation – but the world operates on those theories. Im applying the same to this little bit of politics. One thing is guaranteed – no FACTS shall emerge out of this.

    Take two pills Beezy and consider this;
    Picture yourself in the back seat of a vehicle; you get side-swiped or even a direct hit from an oncoming vehicle – how do you know whether it was intentional or not? What is it that you notice that convinces you either way? MT certainly has not said how he drew his conclusion.

    State assisted for sure!

  13. Reasons to support the askident theory, namely there were no dogs to be manouevred around and secondly no trees magically appeared in the middle of the road, the general trademarks of askidents. However, purportedly arresting all those photographing the scene does nothing to dispel the conspiracy theories.

  14. True that, Elle. But what is up with then “taking” the guy who was busy videographing the scene of the accident for the MDC?

    And apparently the State vehicle occupants (i.e. protection) offered no “immediate assistance” at the scene of the accident.


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