Things you didn’t know about me: Pt 1

I trained as a junior at Chegutu Pirates. Really.

I remember strapping across town as a wee lad, clutching my boots all the way to Pfupajena Stadium, my very own theatre of dreams.

Sadly, my time as an apprentice footballer was short-lived, as I discovered the joys of rugby and cricket, and took to the ‘white’ sports like a priest to an altar-boy.

There. I’m just in a sharing mood today 🙂

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  1. Does anybody remember that Lifebuoy ad with Peter Ndlovu, ‘growing up on the dusty streets of Bulawayo’, we can make our own JB version.

  2. Gala must be privy to only the European leagues and Major League in America. I refuse to use that S-word to describe the beautiful game.

  3. Thank you Eleanor! That must be my number one pet peeve… what’s even worse is when British footballers when on American TV also use the S-word.. Arghhh!!!

  4. Yup. Gala = so so Blair. Or was that Brown…? 🙂

    Americans need a way to identify their copycat ‘games-created-cuz-I-didn’t-really-get-the-rules-of-the-original’ lol.

    American football… racquetball…baseball…

  5. If by Blairite you are asking ME if i my nationality can now be described as British then the answer is yes. If not, then the answer is probably no. Actually, what the hell IS a Blairite and who you talking to? Besides, when I was in Jamie, the team was called The Soccer (a moment while I puke of course 🙂 ) First team. Correct me if I am wrong, but that IS what the sport is called in ZIM? It was only when the Europeans were involved that they addressed it as football. I think the S-word only sounds vulgar when said by that winy and nasal accent associated with our American counterparts. When said with a Zim accent, it sounds way different, far more endurable.

  6. Oh! Took me a while to make the last entry so now I get it. If it is a crime to have taken to British life then guilty as charged. All I can do is ask for forgiveness and understanding. Please refer to the picture I sent to Black which he will gladly pass on.

    JB: You’ve got mail.

  7. Aaah, a nerve. It was touched. Haha.

    Confirm then that ‘racquetball’ is a bastard son of squash? So is there an actual USA racquetball team? Geez.

    Blairite to me means someone Oh. So. British. who happens to be from somewhere else.

  8. Yeah JB – squash + handball apparently. Jokers.
    And yes, there is a national team. Not to mention the International Racquetball Federation… at least they let other teams play who are NOT American lol.

  9. ah imi worst manje ndiTommy Smith wepa ESPN. that Irish mixed with nasal American suhccerrrrr twang is damn irritating! anyone who says Soccer referring to Association Football must be given six of the best.

  10. Hmmmm iwe is that knowledge or is Google? Muchativhara LOL

    Okay, I hate listening to Tommy Smith almost as much as I hate Supersport’s Thomas Mlambo and Zimbabwe’s own Spencer Banda’s accents.

  11. Going back to inane Americanisms, how about the ‘World’ series, which features only American teams. How far up your own arse do you have to be for that?

  12. Gasps. Hmmmmmm

    Anyway, moving on. How are the NBA champs called the World Champions, didn’t the USA ballers get tsvaira’d by some Europeans or other recently? 😀

  13. Back to #18, someone once told me that a World War is a WORLD war because the Americans are involved. The US of A Americans for that matter. And what is it with the whole ‘I am American’ when other people from the continent with the name America can not make the same claim without looking stupid. And while we are on the generalizing subject, what’s with the whole “i have been to Africa” when you only set foot in one country or “she is from Africa” or “he is African” when there are over (or exactly) 50 nations occupying a very large area with people of many colours as well.

    Sorry if I sound like I be hatin on Americans. Can be very hard not to sometimes. And I also appreciate that I may be accused of having generalized there. Sorry.

  14. For the record, its 53 African countries.

    I would hardly call what’s happening in Iraq a ‘World’ war though, and American involvement in the Great War aka WW1 was limited at best.

    Ignorance is bliss, as they say.

  15. As a Canadian, let me tell you that if you were born in the United States then indeed the world does revolve around you…

    As for the World Series/Champion crap it is merely a continuation of the the American mindset of not really knowing that there is an entire planet that isn’t American. Continuing to think like an American, South Americans only use the “American” moniker because they want to sneak in from Mexico and steal our jobs.

    I have neither a problem with hatin on the Yanks, nor generalizing about them.

  16. Oh and JB, you got lucky as hell in that little soccer game at Anfield on Sunday….

    Yes the “S” word has been thrown down

  17. You know, I’ve refrained from talking about this, and baiting me isn’t gonna work.

    Let’s just say the result was fair for both sides, although how Rafa decided that rotation isn’t enough and decided to play injured players also, I can’t figure.

  18. Before the game I would have been happy with a draw, but after sitting through it- I’m kinda pissed we didn’t grab 3 points.

    yeah Rafa is pretty bizzarre

  19. Steve Nash (who, incidentally, is Canadian) has decided he wants to buy the SoccerBall team called Tottenham Hotspurs.

    Oh wait a second – he might know it’s called ‘football’ :-

    “A close friend of Owen Hargreaves, Thierry Henry and Steve McManaman, Nash was born in South Africa but moved to Canada at the age of 18 months. His father, John, was born in Tottenham and played professional football in South Africa, and Nash grew up playing football as much as basketball. His school team won the provincial championship and he was voted the best young player in British Columbia.

    He has also trained with Major League Soccer’s New York Red Bulls, and his brother, Martin, has won 33 caps for Canada and played for Stockport County, Chester City and Macclesfield Town.”

  20. Steve Nash is like a God here and he’s a really nice guy too.
    Still, a Spuds supporter now contemplating ownership- that’s too much for me to handle. Down with Phoenix, Go SPURS (of San Antonio)

  21. Alias, if we are going by stereotypes here, arent the Canucks more famous for that bloodsport, armed with bludgeoning death sticks on a piece of ice, more commonly referred to as ice hockey? Canada+basketball+world stage are not often words you hear in the same breath.

  22. Eleanor there is always a shred of truth in every stereotype and yes, while most South America, European, and African children could probably dribble a football around me with ease- throw any of them or their parents on ice and there’ll be only one man standing. That being said, Steve Nash won back-to-back NBA Most Valuable Player awards in 2K5, 2K6. He is probably the best point guard in the NBA and as the NBA exists in North America (Go Raptors) also the world.

  23. Well, as we know from the RWC casualties, being the best anything doesnt guarantee team success. Coz if I remember correctly, the US failed to qualify automaticallyfor the Olympics coz they dropped the ball so to speak and lost the championships in 2006 (?) and then had to go on to qualify through the tournament of the Americas. Their grief and indignation was palpable. Useless fact of the day, the former Yugoslavia and the US have been world champions the same number of times: 3.

  24. Alias, I’m sure if you gave me blades, a Canadian death-stick and 3 months, I could figure your game out 🙂

    Incidentally, aren’t you coming down here in December?

  25. I’m coming in January. I imagine I’ll be in Harare around the end of the month or early February. Getting kind of excited though I’m having a real tough time learning Shona out of a book without actually ever hearing it…

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