This is getting interesting

There’s never a lack of drama around me, that’s a fact. Take last weekend – mooi dramatic.

Loads of good rugby though. And a good Mikey Owen goal. And then Hapana scored those tries? Classic.

There was also a bit of drinking and dancing going on, at Stars Studio of all places.

Actually, I think I need a break now.

UPDATE: It’s amazing what one sleepless night can do for you. I’ve had a good think, and realise I’ve been sulking. No more. I’m so over it now. Guess who’s back in the motherfeckin’ house.

21 Replies to “This is getting interesting”

  1. yeah that Sasko Hapana is easy on the eye too. There have been some pretty interesting scorelines too. Anybody see that Takudzwa Ngwenya own playing for the U.S.?

  2. LOL finally you noticed it … wink wink, handiti you told me to change it 🙂

    WTF is a Takudzwa Ngwenya, saw his pic on the official site, any good?

  3. Glad to have you back…thought you had drowned in a Castle or Lion Lager! Is it any coincidence that this little epiphany of yours coincided with a nation-wide shortage of all things alcoholic.

    Sing with me, “Joe can see clearly now the booze has gone away.”

  4. Black Label, Joe Black……I assume u are talking about mukomaJohnny Anofamba (re; Walker). That Ngwenya chap is WHACK

  5. In the words of a former idol, ‘when the going gets tough, the tough get going’. Kurarama shamwari.

  6. Well, I see that your adoptive country, Brown’s Ingerlund did not fare much better. I suggest sticking to being a sheep shagging New Zealander.

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