Like, seriously, who gives a feck that you have problems in your marriage, I’m not your shrink dude, I’m just here for the beer

Truth - hurts

Over-share. We love to do it, don’t we? Especially after a nice afternoon spent watching New Zealand post a rugby century, and life is rosy, the place is humming and waitrons are getting prettier by the minute.

But nooo, you just have to share it. Slipping it into seemingly innocuous conversation, just at that point where the current topic is on it’s last legs and there’s no sport on TV to pick it up. Just there, when I’m looking around for the barman, and I’m especially vulnerable. That’s when you take your chance, and pounce.

One thing we forget when we’re unloading all our shit on some unfortunate soul in the bar, is that the person hasn’t actually asked for it. They didn’t think “Oh, I’ll go down the pub and solve some poor soul’s problems today.” This isn’t Heroes, there’s no “save the drunkard save the world” here.

I have my own fecking problems, I don’t need yours to muddy the waters. Have another beer and call me tomorrow.

Cos on a Saturday night I really don’t give a shit.

12 Replies to “Like, seriously, who gives a feck that you have problems in your marriage, I’m not your shrink dude, I’m just here for the beer”

  1. It must be that look of youthful wisdom about you that allows people to confide in you. You should take it as a compliment that your effeminate soul as a caregiver and confidante shone through, dont hide your light under a bush my man. I also suggest taking Visa and Mastercard payments.

    Hey, I am looking for some decent RWC commentary. Preferrably (free) live streaming, but audio will do. The RWC site has some but its statistic-free, bias intensive and bare fact.

  2. You know what Luda said … “Get abck muthafucka you don’t know me like that…”. Too much too soon, you know? Like, friends can go there, but someone you don’t even know? But you’re right Elle, I’ma start charging. I’m not against making friends, it’s my thing, but until we are friends … you understand 🙂

    I’m sure BBC is doing some commentary, or try Radio New Zealand. I’m trying to watch everything live, so I really dunno.

  3. The shame about friendship is that it’s an invisible line, maybe your guy does not know if you have crossed it yet.

    The French are just posturing handiti they have been marginalised from world politics for a long time?

  4. if you decide to get into a warzone chances that will get get shot tend to rise…. hang out with people getting high chances are high you will get someone who will unload, no running away from that.

  5. The last time the French tried any serious battles, look what happened, get their asses kicked and have to run to the British for help. Before that it was the English kicking Napoleon’s ass. I dont know why those hairy armpits never learn.

  6. But people should know when it’s time to cross/draw the line, surely?

    It seems they’ve decided life is easier on the USA side of the fence – or should I say the (disclaimer: popularly elected) right-wingers have decided.

    It’s a sad world.

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