Joe Blizzle is a happy puppy

On a different note … Dynamos is on the brink of winning the premiership title after 10 years. This, as those who know me will understand, makes me a very happy man.

Picture this: me in my DeMbare cap, celebrating our victory against Highlanders next Sunday.

Mr Chizura can suck my dizzle. For shizzle.

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  1. from the looks of things, Bosso are not ready to roll over and play dead just yet. And the draw to Eastern Lions didnt help your cause.

  2. Yep, things have changed in the short time I been away….what with dry oldies jokes and dembare winning the league….


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  4. Better than the old lady one hah? Soz for the anonymous thing. Someone changed my browser.

  5. HIGHLANDERS signalled their intent to retain their premiership crown as they cut Dynamos’ lead at the top to just three points with a 2-1 win away to Lengthens on Saturday.

    Dynamos, who were playing only 24 hours later, drew 0-0 with 10-men Eastern Lions – throwing the title race wide open.

    Much now hinges on the result of the two teams’ fixture, with just seven matches remaining before the end of the season.

  6. I dont know why you still headline your powercuts, its like announcing to people that you managed to draw a breath.

  7. He is just letting us know that he ain’t ignoring us or nothing. He is being the polite, sweet, and considerate guy that we all know and love.

  8. Polite, sweet, considerate… I see by this latest update that JB is really tryina keep his constituents (aka Jon Moyo) happy lol.

  9. with your party headquarters in the Scud and Nanny, you can go by the moniker MBC: Ma Beerdrinker Chete.

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