21 Replies to “Thursdays are slow news days …”

  1. i dont think gwb wld allow that tho… he like being on top of the food chain….

    has anyone here taken an iq test btw 😕

    o n i love science… it gave us computers 😀

  2. Remind me again which food chain Dubya heads, that would be the same one with the Rooney gene pool, right? along with all the plankton and various other single cell organisms.

  3. Well done to Cristiano Ronaldo for getting that penalty in. NOT. That goal mouth is bigger than his head, and still he couldnt get in. Wrong hole bra.

  4. Happy New Years all!! This is Alias reporting live from New York Ciy where shit’s heatin up…

    Anyway have a blast in 2K8!

  5. Happy New Year to all and sundry….
    😀 😀 😀
    i hope we all got in through the front door not the back
    😈 😈
    Oh btw there was a massive fireworks show @ midnight by Meikles

  6. As a woman, I can only say, back door ndizvo!

    Alias, is your zim trip still on? if so we expect a full photo journal of your experiences!

  7. Dhlaks: a lady in the street, and a freak in the _ _ _ (fill in your own age appropriate guesses there)

  8. Hie Mr black, the trillion $ club which include all barons & myself would like to wish you a more corrupt and speculated 2008. tapinda tapinda boys happy days to you all

  9. El i can think of a lot of three letter words that can apply 😈
    all i can say is growl!!!! :mrgreen:

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