Yes, no, oh wait, yes, no, red, green, orange, no red, no, green, green … green!

In the spirit of working together and ubuntu, I have to tried to leave it. I’ve tried to let it go without comment, but it’s been gnawing at my ass, so now I have to ask.

What the feck?

After all the hell and hullabaloo, the threats, the queues, the drama and the bullshit, the general *noise* level …

… the $200,000 remains legal tender “until further notice”.

You couldn’t make it up.

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  1. No, the funny thing is that the 200k is now ‘fully accepted’, when was it partially accepted? You either took it or didnt. No half measures.

  2. Compliments of the new year, may our lives be prolonged like the life of $200 000 bearer cheque……..

  3. Well I fervently hope God is a better puppet master than the muppets currently running the financial (freak) show.

  4. dont kno why what Joe

    El He is always a better puppet master… he just dont like pulin the strings thats all

  5. Oh but JB, dont you know, it was coz of the floods! Which will also hamper the ‘Mother of all seasons’ agriculturally, and wil probably cause the elections to be postponed as they will have washed away election materials, and then diesel will be found in some rocks again because the floods will wash it up to the surface. If its not the floods, then its the drought.

  6. win, oh no ,lose no, draw yes yes Loserpool well done…….shall forever be depressed brethren!!!

  7. I was impressed by Sol(o) Campbell finding his name on the scoresheet this weekend. Life in the old gay dog yet. Gay in the true meaning of the word.

  8. we need to find our killing intent… we just cant put the ball in the net

    just like the man city game

    that old dog should retire now to his closet me thinks but ppl r innocent tilll proven guilty or straight till proven gay 😉 dependin on ur interpretation

  9. I thought the whole point was to come OUT of the closet, not to retire further into it, reference R. Kelly ‘Trapped in the Closet’. But what would a poor ole Third World country gal like mysel’ know?

  10. heat squire what heat…. Arse-nal and Manure will keep fightin it out and keep dropin points losing games n stuff allowing outsiders to jump in n take the lead

    as for those who dwell in the closet they can stay in the damned closet for all i care but if he grabs my ass he will be introduced to major pain…

    major my left fist and pain my right fist

  11. Let the excuses begin. This from today’s Herald:

    INCESSANT rains being experienced in most parts of the country are adversely affecting farming activities with most crops now showing signs of nitrogen deficiency, Agritex has said.

    In its latest crop report dated December 21 2007, Agritex said although farmers had surpassed the hectarage for maize production this year compared to last year, several challenges were hampering production on the fields including the ongoing rains.

    So, the ground has been set for failure being an option. Let’s see what further trickery will be pulled out of the governmental bag.

  12. Well, I dont think your president would approve. What with his Marie Antoinettesque decree: let them eat potatoes, rice is not a suitable food for his restless natives.

  13. Rice is cool n all but its not food for africans… i mean look at all the nationas that eat rice as a staple food….

    do you see any Africanesque physique amongst em…

    its an ok brain food but any african will tell u it dont fill the stomach like Sa….

    besides i cant imagine kwamereki kuchibikwa rice todya nenyama yatinonga tagocha….

    Sa rules!!!!!!!

  14. LOL, Dhlaks I feel you as a said sufferer in an Asian country, I may not like sadza but its health benefits when viewed in light of physical stature and bearing and endowment, cannot be argued. Sadza rinosimbisa.

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