Tighter than a shark’s arse

Apparently there’s hordes of polices at the National Sports Stadium.

No shit, considering that Brasil are in town for the friendly against the Warriors (and knobbly-horse Benjani) before they head back South for the World Cup.

Security has to be tighter than ever, although what Brasil have to worry about in Zimbabwe, I dunno.

I’m sure it’s our girls that need protection …

Go Warriors.

9 Replies to “Tighter than a shark’s arse”

  1. So did anyone make it to the NSS? the scoreline wasn’t the drubbing that I had feared, so bravery hasn’t completely deserted the warriors then.

  2. Robson Sharuko!

    “Michel Bastos fired a free kick pregnant with both pace and accuracy it turned the ball into a missile, Robinho red Maicon’s clever defence-splitting pass to perfection and applied the special touch for the second and, the third goal, was a 2010 rendition of that famous move in the Azteca Stadium in Mexico in 1970 as Brazil produced, and delivered, a goal of genuine class.”

  3. Please, please Dear Lord, stop me from cackling at my desk…Robson’s commentary is priceless, PRICELESS! I can’t…i just can’t…why the dramatic language…why the hyperboles.

    Methinks he has a pregnancy fetish too!

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