23 Replies to “Where were you, my friend?”

  1. for this you could have bought 2 bottles of red, and 5 tonics and still had 7.50 for your cigarettes, assuming tindos everest as well… yeah…wait… naw you did the right thing.. the bill sums it up better… wish i had been there.

  2. Interesting … tab was opened at 1035 and closed at 2228 … no breakfast, no dinner, only a burger.

    In 12 hours of solid drinking. Really, really bad choices.

  3. Even if you weren’t alone 18 castles and 5 packs of smokes!…wait are they making bohlingers again, woop woop!

  4. I accept responsibility for the three Windhoeks. But dude seriously 12 hours of drinking?

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