Stick to soccer, Robson Sharuko

We know you’re the Herald Sports Editor, but please Robson, stick to the football we all know you love so well.

Writing awkward, over-elaborate sentences like this makes us wonder if you know what you’re talking about, brother.

But then, to dismiss this tournament as another low-key event on the pregnant calendar of the world’s ultimate game of gentlemen and women, would not only be wrong but a myopic view divorced from the realities on the ground that should be key in guiding opinions.

To try and pretend that all has been well in Zimbabwe Cricket that the arrival of representative teams from India and Sri Lanka should not be cause for celebrations — especially on the home front — would be stretching the imagination too far.

Yes, Tendulkar — who gave the cricketing world a reason to smile with that incredible knock that destroyed Charles Coventry’s highest ODI score by an individual in the world — is not here and that matters for those who enjoy his class and who look to him to provide another knock for the archives.

Wow, there IS such a thing as too much English, Robson.

It reads like a ZJC “composition”. You go boy!

6 Replies to “Stick to soccer, Robson Sharuko”

  1. this is a manifestation of the Zimbabwean situation – tine vatori venhau kwete majournalists.

  2. As far as the eye can see this journalist is as cool as a cucumber and is as right as rain. On the other hand, the persona J-Beezy, also known as, Joe Black, who scribes, deliberates and lingers like a gate-crasher over this weblog seems to not be in the right frame of mind to absorb and comprehend the delicate intricasies of the detail of the subject’s interpretation, extrapolation and subsequent extrusion of English language construction.

  3. “This is a classic example of statements that are devoid of any shred of truth which add deeper darkness to a night already devoid of stars.”

    (SA Minister of Labour – Membathisi Mdladlana)

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