Time to grow up

We are, by nature, selfish creatures.

As human beings, nothing means more to us than our own well-being, prosperity and sexual satisfaction. That’s who we are.

But there comes a time in everyone’s life when we have to decide exactly what we stand for. Our principles are what guides us, and the biggest challenge (or ‘chaleynj’ a la ZBC) is defining exactly what those principles are.

Here in Zimbabwe, the time of octogenarian leadership has ended. This is our chance to define our own futures, this is when we grasp the opportunity to make a difference, this is how we forge our legacies.

We cannot let the Kasukuweres and the Chapfikas lead us to folly and ruination. We have to take over the conversation and start talking not about grabbing companies and buildings from foreigners, but about how we can leverage our ‘sovereniti’ whilst attracting more FDI.

We have to decide if we want to be led (and managed) by discretided charlatans and bootlicking sycophants whose only claim to fame is their ability to kiss ass.

I’ve decided. I’m tired of this liberation fixation.

feck this shit.

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