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  1. Arsenal today revealed their status as Britain’s richest football club following figures released this morning which show their move to the Emirates Stadium helped increase turnover to more than £200m.

    ………………..this morning’s announcement also rockets Arsenal into the same financial league as Real Madrid, whose turnover was £202m for the 2005-06 season.

  2. Fiberglass eh????

    The boy has become a man and probably the best central midfielder in the Premier League

  3. Kumbogariswa pa bhenji kwakabatsira. People must be put to pasture more often if it leads to that kind of activity upon returning to the fold.

  4. random observation: even the Brazilian women only use the one name e.g. Elaine, Marta. Granted poverty is rife in Brazil, but couldnt they afford 2 names, just to clear up some of the confusion. and adding -inho/ela, not so great. And you know how all dark folk look the same.

  5. Okay serious question.

    How do you watch the games in ZIm? Do they show a lot of premier league games?

    I’m headed there in Jan. and don’t want to miss the end of the season/ champs league.

  6. Alias, you obviously dont follow the news. There are no Premier League games on DSTV for the plebs anymore. Ngezvekutojingirisa.

  7. you will be able to watch one game each day of the weekend, but just so that you are noty bored we have added “who gives a damn league”, the ” why am I watching this league” the “does anyone else follow this league” as well as the ever popular ” I will just watch this because there is no other soccer on TV league”…. Otherwise known as portugese league, Nigerian league, french league and uefa cup.

  8. Truth be told the only time I’ve ever seen the letters DSTV is on this blog. I’m assuming that’s a TV station.

    Oh goodie I love the Nigerian league…

    I ask because here in Canuckistan (Canada) I watch about half of my premier league and Primera league games through the internet on streaming channels.

  9. I’m assuming Borrowdale is in Harare. To be honest I’m going to be spending most of my time in Mutoko but maybe it might be worth heading to the big city for weekends and matches.

  10. Arse…. nal sucks.. Gunners people better enjoy it now becoz we all know Wenger got no balls to stand when the pressure is on.. i.e from Feb ’08 when the UCL heats up and the league too

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