Lost: one brain, never used. Answers to the name OJ

O.J. - still innocentI mean seriously, a brotha should know when to lay the shovel aside and just stop digging . How many more periods of this brand of idiocy should the masses have to suffer? Has he not done enough already to get
himself a serious beat down? This would be on par with another kid being found in Michael’s bed. Or yet another middle class white kid disappearing from some villa in Portugal.

Its not wholly improbable to suggest that a fair few Cracker folks out there are readying their effigies and wooden crosses, cheering OJ’s latest instalment of jackass propensity to self destruct, coz theys finally going to gets them summa that thurr juhstice.

OJ’s Self-Destruction for Dummies, Rule 101: Flagging career? Easily remedied. Beat on some po’ white trash to get middle America baying for blood. The prison time followed by the inevitable book deal, originally entitled ‘How I Would Have Kicked His Thieving Lying Ass If I Had Really Done it’. And the movie rights sold shortly after, coincidentally with OJ ‘starring’ as himself. Maybe even a rap career. Or ‘finding God’. Nothing like religion to refill those empty coffers.

And with Johnny Cochrane’s status as worm food, how he gonna claim it wasn’t him this time? To quote the ever eloquent Dubya ‘Fool me once, shame on…shame on you. Fool me – you can’t get fooled again’.

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  1. Good plan. You gotta hand it to the man, got himself acquitted (making the American justice system llook like like an ass) in spite of being blatantly guilty. He will forever be one of the most memorable black man for it. Okay, so a lot has to do with Johnny but the man will be in black history books.

  2. I think the whole premise of the American justice system is ‘Innocent till proven guilty’. they didnt find him guilty. So essentially for anyone to say otherwise is slander. and just an opinion, and you know what they say about opinions. I am not defending the man, but there are enough black men out there who have been found guilty of crimes they didnt commit, so occasionally just to balance numbers, verdicts go the other way.

  3. The whole OJ saga just goes to prove that if you’ve got money and are famous in America chances are you won’t serve a jail term. Look at OJ, Wacko Jacko… Paris Hilton! (she might have well stayed home). And speaking of the American justice system, what’s that bullish about being found innocent in a criminal case and then losing the civil lawsuit??

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