What to do, what do …

… with myself on this long, long weekend? The prospect of sitting on my arse until Wednesday is pretty attractive, since I CANnot afford to go away on holiday!

Oh well, there’s beers in the fridge, sport on the telly and a pretty girl to rub my (ever-expanding) belly. I reckon I’ll make a weekend of it, then.

Also, I decided (again) to quit Bookface yesterday, cos it was getting really annoying. I like to be left alone to my own devices, and all those bladdy notifications about their really crappy new interface … I quit.

I just wish I could actually REMOVE my account, not bladdy “de-activate”.

Also, who else watched the Olympics opening ceremony? It was amazing, those commies really pulled all the stops. And worth every penny too, I reckon. Way to shame your detractors, China.

And now Russia has invaded Georgia. Just when everyone is on holiday at the Games. Wow.

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  1. Have a great long weekend and think of all our fallen soldiers and heroes. Lol, i bet ZTV is showing those same Chimurenga documentary-style shows they having been playing every year since Independence without fail.

  2. Heroesplush yakaitwa neFriday, I think. I’m not so sure cos I’ve been in an alcoholic daze all weekend.

    And there’s a Redd’s in my hand as I type. A little gay, I know, but this is Zim, we drink what we can get.

    Vim don’t act, I know you watch Dead BC any chance you get!

  3. Droping like flies. What next? Someone better watch…oops, i was about to name names but I thinkI will keep it schtum, lest I jinx someone or be suspected of foul play.

  4. You should know that some people don’t die. Handiende doesnt just refer to a physical house on a certain suburbian road. It means that I am not shuffling off my mortal coil either.

  5. I notice no mention of Kirsty Coventry’s (granted 2nd class) victories on behalf of a country that probably kicked her family to the curb. I wonder whether Zim has been celebrating.Ooh, any more medal hopefuls before I irreversibly turn completely British for the duration of the games? On the track maybe? Or the Blacks in tennis? Anything? πŸ™‚

  6. Nope, I’ve spent it chilling at home, mostly, like a good little boy should.

    Kirsty rocks, been watching all her races, even the ones at 4 in the morning. I don’t think we have any more hopes, though.

  7. And what is this I hear about the rocket scientist Mutambara signing on the dotted line with the great uncle?

  8. sekesai makwavarara could take a leaf or two out of his book. speaking of which, which political siberia is she wandering through at the moment?

  9. Okay, let’s get this straight. This Arthur Mutambara / ZPF thing is going nowhere.

    Besides, do you think ALL the guys in his faction want the attendant fuckery / angst / mockery / LOLism associated with being branded as sell-outs to the great uncle.

  10. It has nothing to do with what the others think, only one person puts there cock on the block i.e. only one signature per party!

  11. Of course it matters, china. He can’t just sign whatever, because when it comes to the crunch, it’s the members of his bloc who either stand with ZPF or vote with MDC-T.

    It’s not like He Who Has Cock on Block is sitting in the House, is it? He’s never actually been elected to anything πŸ™‚

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