The heat is on

So, Buffdaddy, wanna make a bet, do ya? Fine, your boys have been doing pretty well in the rugby league so far, and my boys have been playing like shit. Agreed. So I’ll take your bet.

If Harare Sports Club beat Old Hararians in their next rugby league fixture, you will have a banner prominently displayed at every subsequent Old Hararians match for the next month.

If Old Hararians beat Harare Sports Club in said fixture, I will change my site’s colour to green, replace the polaroid pictures with the OH badge and rename my site “GreenGate – because OH rule”, and generally be your fool and bear the brunt of your ridicule for a week.

These are your terms, and I’ve expanded them slightly in your favour.

Are we agreed?

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  1. Sounds like a sucker’s bet to me. Sounds like JB was thinking of converting to OH all along.

  2. Are you kidding me? Harare Sports Club for life, baby girl. Fie, green machine. A pox on your house. I could never change.

    Unless they moved the Scud & Nanny to OH, then maybe …

    … nah.

  3. Wow, you’re a sharp one, Anonymous. “Unless they moved the Scud & Nanny to OH” …

    Squire, yes I have had some misfortune with sporting wagers in the past, lol. No doubting that.

  4. Okay, I don’t know where this is going and I really don’t wanna hang around to find out, lol.

    So the bombing may have been an inside job, according to the Herald.

  5. Posted on your cold thing but from wut I see it’s incompetence not sabotage. Very embarassing

  6. Wait … like, someone picked up a bomb and mistakenly left it in the kitchen? Being Saturday night, may there have been … spirits involved?

    If it’s an inside job, what’s the motive? What’s the bladdy point, anyway?

  7. ko nhai, anyone hear bout something being signed? heard the two signed something today.

  8. Tara, why don’t you read and find out? Andy Tee thanks, I knew you’d have my back! Sportivo ndizvo!

    As for signing, I did hear someting along those lines, but it was for next week, Tuesday apparently, and that a deal is close to being decided.


  9. OH. I thought The Herald was not to be believed, so I never bother with it. But, I see. Funny how the article starts with alleging an inside job, but ends by suggesting that it could be to do with the fact that it ‘is a perennial thorn in the flesh for hardcore criminals’. Bombings usually are done to get attention. To make a statement. I reckon that this was a mere fuckup. Someone made a grave mistake and left the detonator on and a fly landed on it and completed the circuit in a bomb from the evidence lockup. That’s all. No motive, no statement, just sheer bad luck. Either that or it was a hit. No political statement, just someone with a bone to pick with someone.

    Oh, I just realised that some people already sad that. Damn!

  10. If it was a f-up… then the bomb wanted to be used somewhere… hmm we can only wonder.. the last bomb that exploded in Zim was at the Daily News Printers…

  11. Hmmmm you’re right Tara reading the Herald is a salt-pinching experience at best. Take this …

    “It is believed that some of them could have been disgruntled over their recent transfers, which saw them being moved to other stations countrywide.

    The detectives were transferred on suspicion that they were involved in illegal activities in Harare.

    Police believe they could have also bombed the offices to destroy evidence of their nefarious activities since they were still to relocate to their new work stations.”

    Andy Tee … that would have been one major f-up LOL.

  12. Anyone read the Herald online. My browser doesn’t let me. Tells me that the Herald is badaware. So it’s official it’s bad online and in print.

  13. Are they still only like printing 3 copies of the Herald a day? Coz I heard there were a few minor issues with suppliers for newsprint. Namely that were acting true to form and were unable to cough up the necessary lucre to assure regular supplies.

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