You give me fever …

The 2010 FIFA World Cup comrades, it is here. Let’s get “sirruhs” (as Malema would say) about our soccer, comrades.

Here is my prediction, eh. Mexico will destroy Bafana Bafana today.

Spain will win the whole thing. Or Argentina will win the whole thing. Or Holland will finally come to the party.

Germany will give it a good go, USA will cause a couple of upsets and England will flop.

Or I could jsut be wrong about everything. Except Argentina.

In spite of, rather than because of, Diego.

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  1. I don’t care what the outcome is the vibe is epic, NOBODY went to work today I know people who started drinking last night and are still at it. I’ve dyed my hair green and gold painted my face and am bringing the GEES(pronounced ghgee-is)GOOD TIMES!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. So what?! Is Dion meant to look like the FIFA trophy?

    The tournament has yet to start, yet I’m already sick of it!

  3. BTW, that ?! is actually supposed to be a comma. Wasn’t being antagonistic. At least not this time anyway!


    Cape Town is on FIRE!

    Have been leading a vicious onslaught on all things alcoholic and tipsy white girls with sexy foreign accents for the past 48 hours.

    And Im also vaguely aware of soccer matches being played somewhere in the country.

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