Who likes things as much as I do?

Venus - scaryNyasha and Lolo, who took me for lunch, cos we went down to Strathaven for some sadza on Saturday afternoon. There’s nothing better than that mix of chicken, knuckle and pork bones to make you feel alive. And sleepy. I’m such a lucky bastard.

All those stuffy English gentlemen watching the Wimbledon ladies’ final must love things, cos Venus Williams’s shorts/underpants/batty riders didn’t leave much to the imagination. That’s just wrong. Doesn’t help that she looks like a man.

Everyone at Jigga’s birthday party on Saturday night. I’ve been hiding out at home for a month now, so I was a little out of touch with just how much Zimbos like to party. Nothing gets us down man, when it’s time to shake that ass we’re out there, not a care in the world. Or a bra, apparently.

Random nightclub VIP section dudes. You know, those random wannabe-pimp buggers who just come and stand in front of chicks and give that stupid smiley stare, before giving it their best (and worst ever) shot. Who she with? She’s not with you motherfecker, that’s why she’s sitting here with me. Now feck off.*

All in all, it’s been a pretty good weekend. Poor little French girl, Venus tore that ass up. The party at Karma was the obvious highlight; nothing beats hot chicks, good company, house music, roast meat and beer (some of which somehow managed to pour itself over the birthday boy, as custom dictates).

Too bad my baby wasn’t there. Being sober sucks.

*Seriously, these types piss me off something nasty. Being in the VIP area don’t make you a player, dawg – it just makes you another curious nigga wondering what all these chicks are doing in there. Move along.

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  1. WHy are u dissin sister Venus so bad?? i think she’s much betta than Serena actually.

    and why go to a party if you not plannin to get crunk?

  2. 😮 I know all about those nightclub guys – the ones down here are a little more aggressive sometimes though. At least you’re still parting, good for you.

  3. Very good party. Think the floor at Karma is a bit tacky though. Glad to see that Zimjigga had mad fun. Why aren’t you drinking, Black?

  4. Eish sister Venus just scares me, man. And she doesn’t hold a candle to Serena, puh-lease…Serena ndizvo.

    Beezam, it’s the 40 days thing, but that comes to an end this weekend. And no, I’m not planning on getting wasted, that would defeat the purpose, innit?

    Mushaz, don’t be an idiot.

  5. Oh, and the contact form didn’t work cos I had changed my email ad (due to fekkin spam) but I hadn’t changed the form.

  6. Now, how about that equa prize money thing at Wimbledon. Tis disgracefull that they hadnt fixed that. The Williamses need a lesson on how not to be too ghetto. That Hair. WTF? What on earth do they see in the mirror. Serena looks like she be on the right track, though I wouldnt put it past her to go back to the cheap looking weaves. If there is anything I hate, it is an obvious weave. If you cant do it proper, just don’t do it for fuck’s sake. I cant believe the Williamses cant afford a decent looking weave.

    Joe, what you planning to do to celebrate your victory* over the demons
    * granted that it was less than perfect but much better than some culd ever dream of.

  7. hey Joblack, i hope u had a good time. its too bad u arent drinking bro coz u looked lost in tht corner.

    but Jo bra why are u complaining abt the VIP area, i spotted u in there a couple of times.


  8. Bra, what was up with all the dodgy blokes in the VIP section…or in general, twas disheartening! Some ass shaking was definitely done, you even managed to bust a move on the dance floor. All in all, it was a really good nite!

  9. vim: i think it wasn’t such a good idea not to have proper invites. i remember asking a couple of guys who had invited them and telling them tht it was a pvt party so they had to leave!!!

    wat is it with africans and gate crashing!!

  10. Like I said, THEY LIKE THINGS!!!

    I’m not complaining about VIP yigga, I’m talking about the buggers who rocked up in there.

    True the party was lekker like a cracker, but I’m not going anywhere near Tip’s to celebrate the return.

    I’ll look for you Vim so I can show you my skills…

  11. inini I’ve never met this girl ndewekupi? kana kuti when we played together it was just your wild phase I remember kuti mfana iwe waida…

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