Finally, a real show of ambition…

Spaniards - migratingSo Liverpool boss Rafa Benitez finally got his man, people 🙂

Despite street protests in the Spanish capital Madrid, we finally bagged their best striker for a club record fee.

I’m pleased as punch, and for all’a’y’all saying this is just another Morientes, you need to recognise that this guy is the real deal – he’s got it all, and worth every penny of that GBP26.5 million fee.

Be afraid…

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  1. this boy can play football, only 23 thats why he’s costly but mirai muwone! imi vasikana admit you love footballers man

  2. Quite simple actually… well, it used to be, before that megalomaniac Sepp Blatter stepped in. We could write a whole article on it now!

    Basically, if an offensive player is closest to the goal, and there’s no defender between him & said goal, he’s offside.

    I’m sure one of the guys’ll be happy to oblige on the exceptions 🙂

  3. Ya bu why? If you skilled enough to get yourself in that position, why be penalised? If the goalie or defenders were too stupid to notice and act, why the rule? Kinda like saying do not strike when the defence aint looking. Imagine if they did that for B’Ball. What is the logic andor rationale behind the rule?

  4. Well, arguably it’s not really skill that gets a player in that position, it’s probably more speed lol. In that line of thought, the defence probably IS looking, they just not running as fast LOL.
    Ahh, I dunno man…

  5. If it were possible to have the defense properly lined up (ie as they would be on a diagram) then the offense’s skill or whatever would be better appreciated cuz they’ll actually be attacking a defensive line, rather than jus runnin solo across the pitch.

    The energiser bunny that’s running too fast for defense needs to be penalised cuz he’s robbing us all of true displays of ACTUAL skill lol.

  6. it’s much more complicated than that the offside rule but true anybody can wait for ball at the goals

  7. Yeah but they leave no one to get the ball to them to score if the defenders are keeping goal. You know if the rule was not there you would never have campers coz someone has to get the ball to the goal area. Anyway, imagine the out come of the games if the off side rule was not there. Imagine all those goals that were lost to the rule.

    PS: I surrender. The only good thing I get out of footie is watching all those Fans squirm on their way home from a game. Tragic really, always feels like someone’s died.

  8. mirai muwone, he will be waxing and oiling his handlebar mustachios in manner of Latin lover/dastardly villain in a few months. To be fair, with his build, the latter role is more likely

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