Not bad Marky Mark. Not bad

I’ve always had a bit of a laugh at Mark Wahlberg (and Donnie too, for that matter). From his days in NKOTB to his little white rapper stint, he’s always been a kinda jokester to me.

The idea that Marky Mark of the Funky Bunch could become a serious Hollywood action star, with the clout to even produce a TV show based on his own experience (Entourage, you reprobate); far-fetched, you’d think.

But nope. He’s there, oh-look-at-me I’m-an-Irish-American-action-character check-out-my-scowl I’ll-shoot-you Mark Wahlberg, doing his thing. And I haven’t really been taking him seriously.

Until now. Minnie and I saw We Own The Night on the weekend, and it’s was a pretty good flick. Marky’s a cop (ya think?) with a junkie brother and police chief dad. I won’t lay it all out for ya but this flick is hard, ek se.

And the opening scene helped (Eva Mendes flashes a titty).

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  1. Will make sure to watch out for that one

    So, Gono, lord of the realm, master of all he surveys, slayer of the zeroes has decided that it’s time to wield the sword again and lop off a few more. Word is he’s upping the ante and doubling up, this time with six zeroes. Merry go round anyone?

  2. While you’re at it, buy (meaning download) Adele’s album 19. Not bad, for my taste.

    As for zeros, he may as well take off nine for that matter, lol. We can’t cope.

  3. I love Wahlberg. He stole my heart in The Big Hit. But I beg to differ with regard to We Own the Night. It left me somewhat underwhelmed. A great cast and yet a very weak plot. How the hell did the brother change sides again. It was that memorable. And what came of Mendez’s character? She just vanished. The story could have used another hour in planning. However, Mark is one of my teflon actors. No matter what crap he churns out, his fans will always watch his offerings, and I will be queuing up to watch every one too. Or at least will rent it by post.

  4. Marky Mark has come a long way from the days of dropping his pants for Calvin Klein ads, *mmmmh* , those were good times πŸ™‚ You know you’ve made it when you have your own E! Hollywood Story segment.

    You would think people would learn from the past, dropping zeroes aint the answer, they just jol back with even more vigour than before!

  5. Okay Gala I hear ya, there were a few holes in the nyaya. By the way, the brother changed sides cos Marky Mark was shot in the head by his chinas. Doh.

    Vim, you’re such a perv :-). He needs to lop off those 0s because the maths is just … impossible now!

  6. It was that memorable.

    So you and Minnie dating now? Or was this strictly platonic? πŸ™‚

  7. I am in a ‘below the calvins’ mood today! Besides, my question is strictly all ages. If I was delving too deep, the wording would have been a whole lot worse. But I am a lady!

    So, dating or platonic, God Dammit? πŸ™‚

  8. Knowledge is power? And with JB and this particular woman, Minnie, it is kinda hard to keep up. Of all the people who appear in ths blog, it is obvious what they mean to JB, but with Minnie… Which makes it all the more mysterious and therefore intriguing. And I’m a sucker for a good mystery.

  9. Oh,there is an email going around asking which leader’s daughter is more more attractive. MT’s or Bob’s?

    And there is rumour that Bob has actually resigned and is now a puppet of Munan’agwa and Chihuri and so forth. Apparently Thabo knows and Bob can’t bail because he being blackmailed or something. Something like he can’t just leave having accummunlated all those funds, if he does they will fuck him up. Apperently the puppeteers are thugs. Que pasa?! Is this the light at the end of a longass winding and bumpy tunnel? Or does this make matters worse?

  10. well JB is not cryin like a lil biatch anymore so we can assume theyve worked thingz out

    I seen a pic of MT’s daughter and i was pleasantly surprised…

  11. The consipiracy theorists have it that Bob has something to do Mwanawassa’s demise…. dont you just love consipiracy…

  12. Its all about the new world order and how rockefeller and his banking mates want everyones life to be on a credit card! You know like the whole biometric thing with passports. So when u vote u use your card, when u go shopping u use yuor card, if u protest against them all they do is erase your existance by erasing your card. WIthout it u dont exist. We already have a European Union, African Union and soon there Will be an Asian unin, with the North American union to follow.The North American Union is a theoretical continental union of Canada, Mexico and the United States. Eventually all these will merge to form a new world order

  13. It’s like something some learned person said, that Orwell’s 1984 was a prescient warning not an instruction manual.

  14. The tennis. I got 2 hours of sleep in the end coz it went on for so long and time differences. Ndadhamba.

  15. Your enthusiasm:overwhelming. I take it that the strawberries and cream of SW19 are not your cup o’ tea then Master Black. Different strokes I guess.

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