10 years in exile, 1 day in heaven

DeMbare rules Following our recent victory in the CBZ FA Cup, and despite the (somewhat ubiquitous) squabbles between the board and the players, Dynamos have just won the CBZ Premier Soccer League title. Again. For an unprecedented eighteenth time, but of course for the first time in over ten years. Reckon I’m chuffed?

7 Replies to “10 years in exile, 1 day in heaven”

  1. Of couse congrats are in order girl, we did the DOUBLE!! Dynamos! The butt of everyone else’s jokes, the prodigal son, The Weakest Link?!?

    We’re back in bizniss 🙂

  2. Gono whats yo problem with De-Mbare? u seem to have issues which i cant even explain. Wish i was still the same Old Player…..

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