21 Replies to “Well done England”

  1. Was it really all his fault though? He wasn’t the one on the field directly fucking up. I know, he is the manager but there is only so much he could;d have done. Oh, sorry, I meant to say was the manager (for all of two seconds, which is another thing). They never gave him a chance. Well, at least he walk away a millionaire ten times over. Talk about severance pay. I would fuck up my job just to be paid that.

  2. You know that things are really bad when people start talking about the golden Sven age. How quickly people forget. How they bayed for his blood for not playing pretty football. At least the randy Swede got them through to the major tournaments. Now how are they going to claim that they wuz robbed. The mugs.

  3. They need Mourinho or Capello, a proven WINNING manager. And yes Gala, the manager is the most important person there. Imaigne the most beautiful talented concert musicians without a director.

  4. McLaren cheayinetsera was that he never really knew what he wanted, one moment Becks is in, the next he’s out, then he is giving in to pressure to have him back in, then miraculously he sprouts a backbone and Becks is out again, then S. Wright Phillips fcuks up and Becks is in again. All this in the space of 18 games. Granted McLaren should never have been picked in the first place, but I dont understand how those overpaid egotistical excuses for footballers cant pull their collective finger out and get on with it. At least Wayne Rooney is trying to get his ‘O’ levels while he is sidelined. LOL>

  5. O levels (or rather GCSEs)? I didn’t know you could do them without graduating out of at least kindergarten. Wonders never cease.

  6. My girlfriend won the ticketing lottery for Euro 08 to follow her team. All group games, and all knock-out games. Unfortunately her team happens to be England, so she’s staying at home this summer. Part of me feels really bad about it, and part of me is ecstatic that she won’t be in Switer/Austria surrounded by a 1000 drunk British guys.

    What a disgraceful performance though…

  7. WHere else in the world do u get £2m for fucking it up……watch him get a fat contract to go to Birmingham now.

  8. I think Ingerlund is like Zim, they could get the coach from Mars and they still couldnt deliver the goods, coz at the heart of it all is the players’ attitudes. With all those hanger on WAGS wanting to live the rich and shameless lifestyle, the emphasis is more on club than national football. And with the kind of TV deals being offered for the Premiership, more clubs are going to be reluctant to release players to be injured in national duty. Coz its the domestic league that is the caviar and champagne (rich man’s bread and butter) for most of these players.

  9. and a further kick in the teeth for Ingerlund, they are not one of the seeded countries for 2010, having dropped to 12th in the rankings. Interestinger and interestinger.

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