Getting the hell out of Dodge

Damn. Seven weeks I’ve been in Victoria Falls, and today I finally fly outta here on gilded wings of Chinese-made goodness. Lovely! *

Only I’m not coming home – straight to Kariba; a weekend of extreme drunken debauchery beckons, then I hit the road home at some point on Sunday. Despite all the whining I have enjoyed my stay in Sodom, but some places in this world are just for visiting. For a weekend or so.

Dodge City ain’t big enough for the both of us, Wyatt. So I’m leaving. **
I know, it sucks to be me, right?

* Strange rumours of a grounded plane at the airport – cross fingers
I watched a western last night; forgive me.

3 Replies to “Getting the hell out of Dodge”

  1. So Black, what is the plan of assault on Harare. You planning on playing it by ear or do you have a strategy that will enable you to make up for lost time in as little time as possible with as little effort. I bet you have something good planned to let HARARE know that Joe Black is back and with a vengeance.

  2. If hell is other people, then it sounds like the Vic is a lonely hell. Glad to have you back re-entering the civilisation of bread queues, fuel queues, nay money queues as well.

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