Bloody Bookface Blues

So it looks like there is *no easy way* to actually delete a Facebook account. From my Googling, I’ve found that the only way to do this is to communicate with them, whilst simultaneously deleting every single item of personal info from your account.

While I could rail on about how shitty this is, and how these buggers aren’t so concerned about privacy etc etc, I’ve decided to just keep it simple, and not fight it. But I’ll do it my way.

I’ve changed my name, I’ve deleted all my pictures, and I’m not taking friend requests.

Besides, it’s the only way my baby sis talks to me.

17 Replies to “Bloody Bookface Blues”

  1. DAmn, I think I may be colour blind. The GREEN of this blog looks very RED to me.

    JB, this Bace Fook thing is really not working for yah. The way you sounding like a broken record. i thought I’d just keep quiet, but you need to make your mind up. You back or not? I thought Elle managed to get herself out permanently. Maybe you should talk to her.

  2. Yeah, I did have to change it cos I made a bet. That sucks, LOL. But I’ll live.

    As for Bookface, whatever man. I’ll just leave my profile there, don’t care much for it anymore.

  3. Bwahahaha! 🙂

    I like green. Represents life. I still think it could be greener. The background to the description of JB and Elle could be green. Once that’s green, I owe JB night’s worth of green lager on St Paddy’s the next time we occupy the same space and time on St Patrick’s Day.

  4. What you need to do, Tara, is to close your browser, clear the cache and open up again. You’re using a cached background for the top header.


  5. Damn, I was wrong, Dzingai did good. Congratulations y’all. He young enough to make it to the 2012s and make it onto the podium? Crap, I’ll be edging to 30 in 2012.

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