There is no water in Harare.

There are no chemicals to treat the water from Lake Chivero, where all our sewerage goes and water comes from.

They didn’t listen when they stole the water functions and infrastructure from Council and gave them to ZINWA.

Now everything is screwed, and those buggers in ZINWA are caught pants down. Have their principals been seen or heard from? No.

Why do we still have these inefficient parastatals?

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  1. “An outbreak of the deadly cattle-born disease anthrax is threatening to turn into Zimbabwe’s worst yet, compounding a seven-week national epidemic of cholera, an international aid agency warned Monday.”

  2. “All soldiers at the Presidential Guard Unit have been disarmed and their duties frozen while the riot police has taken over guard duties at State House to stop any further uprising, military sources said.”

  3. I think it’s a conspiracy. Someone s trying to weaken the enemy by making them sick. JB, are you okay? 🙁 Do you have a clean source of water to drink. If not, I recommend taking in bottled fluids. I know you like your beer. No one will blame you for being drunk at the wrong time as long as there is this crisis. 🙂 (# Always look on the bright side of life, Whistle Whistle Whistle Whistle Whistle Whistle Whistle Whistle)

    PS: I know it ain’t funny. But what can you do. It is so fucked up. I wonder if the hopers out there are still hoping.

  4. Hmmm, I doubt it’s so much conspiracy as a systematic breakdown of social services. Which I think many people saw coming.

    I believe it’s possible that cholera, anthrax, hunger and prices have the potential to create a sort of perfect storm …

    … although I doubt the hospitals can cope with bullet wounds.

  5. I cant get a straight story about the soldiers. One says they were rioting and looting in town; and also happened to get into fisticuffs with forex dealers!!!??? soldiers looting shops!!??
    The other just says they were taking on forex dealers!?

    Now presidential guards?? from what i know of those presidential guards, only military police can stand up to those boys (being a saints boy, just one look from them would send us sprinting to school before the booms came down)… riot police would catch such a hiding…

  6. Who needs a straight story, Boydo? Presidential guards are soldiers, aren’t they? LOL. The 1 Presidential Guard battalion is based at State House, the other battalions at Dzivarasekwa (and Inkomo, I think).

  7. Oh don’t worry, I do that sometimes, just to rattle you peoples 🙂

    We’re not there yet, we’ll let it play out and see how far we get. Here’s hoping I don’t catch any infectious diseases in the meantime.

  8. You could, like other cultures turn to the kisses on the cheek (or mouth if you that friendly or open minded). Europeans and Arabs do it. By the way, the Health Minister sounds like a moron.They pick him just for his name? I know this comes up a lot, but will things get so bad people will start turning to arms? Is there room for civil war in Zimbabwe or are Zimbos beyond that (to civilised for it)? I keep opening my paper half expecting to find war has broken out. That is not to say I am hoping for it of course.

    Are Zimbabweans praying. Because they need to pray. Really hard. Maybe throw in some fasting. Food will last longer 🙂 This is so fucked up from this end!

  9. JB what about your friend who hated me (the presidential guard)? You talked to him about any of this?

  10. Nah I haven’t, although I did have a … discussion with another one a coupla weeks ago. Got kinda heated. Let’s just say it’s a matter of opinion grounded on doctrine.

  11. figures as much. still running battles between cops and soldiers makes for uneasy times in an already uneasy place.

    my thoughts are with ya bro- unfortunately it is all I’ve got to give.

  12. Far as I know Bob has preempted civil war by making sure the defence forces are the only armed group in Zim.
    What has been unthinkable til now, is a split within the defence forces which would result in either a full coup or battles between the two groups for strategic army, airforce, bases and broadcast, airport etc

    Ungodly as it is, Zim IS a military/police state and the only way power is going to be transferred is by force. IMO for us Zimbos to not consider armed conflict indicates a lack of understanding of the political tragedy that has been unfolding since that botched Lancaster House Conference…

  13. Just out of morbid curiosity, what does a plate of chicken and sadza cost at the flea market nowadays?

  14. Alias, it’s like roadkill handiti. You know you shouldn’t be interested but this perverse macabre-ness has you by the proverbials and you can’t help yourself.

  15. Could someone please tell me if I am the only person who thinks there is something vulgar about Beyonce’s new video to Single Ladies. I don’t hate it and the tune is catchy and I could be seen dancing to it. But some how the outfits are a bit much for the dances. They don’t leave much to the imagination. MY God, the thighs in there. there is just so much of thighs on display. And those dances! Maiwe!!! Don’t get me wrong, I am ain’t a prude, but that video makes Christina’s Dirrty chaps look like child’s play. Every time I see the video, I am shocked as if seeing it for the first time. Is it just me?

    Joe and Alias, I know what you think, but just go ahead and say it.

  16. I likes me them thunder thighs!

    Alias, that chow now costs $5 cold cash. Although, I think for the past two weeks people haven’t really been going there (I know I haven’t).

    With cholera, it’s advisable to get your chow at home.

  17. Tara, if that tame video gets your pulse racing then hautani kuvhunduka. you need to see her perform it at the AMA shindig, it will give you some perspective. Beyonce has been flaunting it all for a long time now, changosara bedzi kubuda mumba asina kupedza kupfeka a la Paris Hilton/Britney Spears. But I am sure JayZ will put a check on that.

  18. Ele you hit it on the head…

    $5 USD? shouldn’t be surprising I guess.

    alas I’ll have a drink and toast to “Love in the Time of Cholera”…

  19. Lol yes Beyonce did shake it hard at the awards. But it was one of her dancers I was checking out, B scares me.

    Love in the Time if Cholera … don’t get me started.

  20. Beyonce tries a bit too hard, forced-sexy is not too sexy… doesnt stop me looking though…lol…everytime.
    Time was, when things were priced at SA prices, when did they start doubling and tripling the rand price? US$5 for sadza! demmet!

  21. Point. and they really MARK-UP!

    Just on the soldier riot thing…I am predicting a few “disappearances” of dissident soldiers and maybe a few civil activists.
    With the JOC fighting for their survival those soldiers shall be hastily court-martialed to quell any notions of uprising within the defence forces.

    Did someone say Somalia?

  22. Or, more likely, this soldier stuff is all staged as an excuse to declare a state of emergency and preempt the now imminent mass revolt….dont know which is worse…

  23. ZAPU is not back. Yet. See, this whole hullabaloo about the Home Affairs portfolio is because it was promised to ZAPU in the 1987 unity accord with ZANU.

    So Uncle has to have something for his ZAPU kids, else there’s a split.

  24. Nothing is going on in Harare. It’s all an illusion and a construct of the enemies of the state. We are all fine and living in harmony. Huchi nemukaka munyika – musanyeperwe.

    Soldiers being killed – rubbish, state of emergency – Denford Magora and we know what they say about empty vessels.

  25. ZAPU lost the plot in that 1987 unity shenanigan… fair enough, Joshua had to stop the bloodshed; but MDC would do well to recognise that ZANU is pulling a ZAPU on them.

    Just to jolt memories and draw similarities; Zanu PF, just after independence, realised they had strong opposition in ZAPU, and could not make unanimous political decisions. Also, a bigger problem was that ZAPU had a demobilised ZIPRA force that could be easily re-mobilised should the need arise.
    Hence Bob trumped up treason charges against Nkomo, Dabengwa etc, got 5th brigade trained up and executed all and sundry in Matland under the guise of suppressing a dissident rebellion. At the end of it all, with backs against the wall, ZAPU signs into “Unity”.
    Hardly congenial circumstances…

    Zapu would do well to revive, but their only purpose, which is welcome, would probably only be to weaken ZANU.

  26. BD – a construct of the enemies of the state? Okay, some of these tales are far-fetched, but to say “We are all fine and living in harmony” is a little disingenuous, don’t you think?

    Or did I miss the irony?

  27. JB, has your water service been restored? Coz I am just trying to imagine what those women with babies and dirty diapers are doing for water.

  28. Well, my house (area actually) didn’t have the water service in the first place. Two months I’ve lived in Greystone Park, and have had tap water on exactly two days.

  29. Oh gosh. How have you been surviving under the tapless circumstances?

    BD, these kinda jokes are cruel – for a second there I was holding on to the sliver of hope that it’s all lies. Call me idealistic 🙁

  30. Yeah, waterless. But you should know, Charles Darwin called it “Survival of the ADAPTED” before he changed it to fitness.

    Winners adapt to their environment.

  31. Zimbabweans have been writing the book on adaptation for too long now. In fact I’m not sure how you guys would do if everything stayed the same for more than a week.

  32. There is a bit of a sad paradox to the “adaptation” thing; it seems we have resigned to the decline and now salvage pride in our survival tactics. KuJingiridza…

    During the apartheid isolation, the afrikaners would say “i can always make a plan” to whatever shortage or adversity caused by the sanctions.
    On a (somewhat) lighter note, was teasing a “friend” about not being able to do kwaMereki becoz of the cholera thing, and she says, NO WAY!!! Mai George is doing her thing like she thang like she does…

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