May the farce be with you

feck this place; I’m done. Really, it’s over. What does it take for people to realise they’ve failed?

I heard yesterday that the contract to supply all of ZINWA‘s water treatment chemicals was given to one man, a certain fun-loving deputy minister and sitting Member of Parliament.

That, right there, is corruption of the worst kind.

And where are we now? In the middle of an Epic Fail that has cost 179 lives in Harare alone. Well done guy, no, really, clap clap. Now go shoot yourself.

Then there’s the bastards who sit on their high horses saying shit like this :-

Neighbouring South Africa meanwhile said it was time for an end to “political point-scoring”.

I love my country, but I think it’s over. Now to renew my fecking passport.

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  1. Nematambudziko a Elliot Manyika. Iyo in-fighting ye mu Zanu has claimed another soul. Handiwo mafiro akaita Border? I guess it’s time to build another green bomber school. Teach those rioting soldiers a thing or two

  2. FYI: Mr Kgalema Montlanthe was the head of the SA election observer team who boldly, unblinkingly, unstutteringly declared the heavily rigged (as usual) previous parliamentary and presidential elections relatively free and fair.
    The same elections that ZANU PF had more votes than registered voters in numerous constituencies.

  3. Buffdaddy, you walk in the upper echelons of Zim rugby, question: Losson achirikudya mari dze ZRU here? Coz I thought I saw someone like him on TV for the George 7s. Where incidentally Zim made Scotland look ordinary in the Shield final, or whatever that junk piece of art they were playing for was.

  4. yes that was him. his role is often undefined but he is ever present in the sevens set up as his best mate is the president and manager of sevens.

    I don’t think they played brilliantly – they played well. Unfortunately that team has gone backwards a bit and needs to move forward by cutting some dead wood. You must remember that we reached a stage where we were reguarly beating France, Wales, Scotland and even had the odd big scalp. Our lack of progress must be contrasted with the Kenyan team’s performances of late.

    but I have not had any lemonade recently so won’t be sour and will say well done.

  5. almost forgot – I believe in a world of kharma, a world of ngozi, a world where the revolution will not be televised, a world where the party consumes its own.

    In this world there is no wafa wanaka but to rephrase Shakespeare – the evil lives on while the “no-good” is interred as bones. rip – not bloody likely.

  6. Yeah, but the problem with your belief BDaddy is that it requires a whole lot of waiting. And during that waiting, a lot of shit is happening to people who don’t deserve it. People who will probably not make it long enough to benefit from said Karma. The opposite applies to the perpetrators.

    *Sigh* This is some kind of bullshit there. So fucked up.

  7. I think now it’s damned if you do, damned if you don’t. Ivo vana Jestina Mukoko vakango disappear. Vanozowanikwa vave zvitunha.

  8. “Marketing executives at German luxury car manufacturer Daimler-Benz AG must be thunderstruck that their iconic and innovative products experience a high incidence of tyre-bursts and rolls with such monotonous and fatal regularity in the troubled Republic of Zimbabwe.”
    Someone still has energy for humour…

    The business of running a country is too important to be left to politicians. We have hit rock bottom and hopefully now understand that politics is everyone’s business…
    The point is rapidly approaching when enough people realise they have more to lose by staying put than by facing soldiers in the streets…

  9. Mos Nav, you really think we’ve reach rock bottom. Coz’ from where I am sitting, it gets worse when you think it couldn’t possibly.

  10. Dont worry, no Merc for me, i get around in a modest convenience…

    IMO, rock bottom depends on who/where one is. Rural folk have always been and still are eking out a “rock bottom” subsistence survival – thats why they are the easiest to mobilise. They have no savings, no comforts, they are merely suriving not living – thats why they can join “green bombers” for a 5kg bag of maize/per week. Zanu knows this thats why their efforts have always been in the gwashaz, before, during and 28 years after the war. Revolutions dont bother with town dwellers.

    In towns we have a middle class padding that has been gradually worn away. IMO, once one’s survival costs outstrip your income, then, you will not need any prompting to get in the street; you either sit and starve or have running battles with riot police.
    For the mass of the middle class in towns ie, teachers, nurses, civil servants, factory workers etc, that should be round about now?
    Obviously, by this definition, we all hit rock bottom at different times depending on how far one is up the food chain. I believe the mass emigration to SA, UK,States, Canada, Aus and NZ in the last 15 years have delayed a revolt by all the remittances sent and by the loss of a mass digruntled population.

  11. We have hit rock bottom but the Zimbabwean has a fanastic propensity to keep drilling so hold on it’s a long ride to the centre of the earth.

    There is no middle class anymore that is an illusion of a Zamps survey.

    Black dogs and Pumas are much better stories than burst tyres – which one was it by the way?

    Revenge is a dish best served cold.

  12. Drinking is what we do, in prosperity AND in adversity!
    Wishful thinking – those plaqing at your favourite haunt (@JB) shall get a front row seat to the sudden evac of the illegitimate incumbent across the road.

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