Christmas in October

Hi there, OK Mart.

Congratulations on your new radio advertising campaign!

I was listening to Star FM this morning, and I heard your new Christmas jingle. It’s wonderful, sounds great, and you get your message across in a fun, professional way.

Here’s the thing, though.

It was at five past seven on the twenty-first of October. That’s a full two months and change before Christmas Day itself. That seems a liiiiiittle early for me.

I understand, after a back-and-forth with an ad person on twitter, that you have to get in early, since October and November month-ends are your last chance to hit me up for my money. Fair enough. You’re in business for the money, right?

But the problem with advertising a full 64 days before Christmas is that people will write some nonsense blog posts (like this one) wondering WHY YOU’RE ADVERTISING A FULL 64 DAYS BEFORE BLOODY CHRISTMAS!

It is annoying. I don’t want to hear Christmas jungles before November, and then only around the middle. I don’t want to see Christmas lights and decorations until maybe a month before the actual day.

You and your advertisers have crept Christmas forward each year, and your cynical attemps to get at my wallet are starting to get on my tits.

So here’s the thing, OK Mart – it’s too soon.

Your advertisers probably told you otherwise, but it’s way too soon. And remember, of course they want to flight your ads as early as possible, because they get paid as soon as they’re done. YOU on the other hand, only get paid when I walk into your shop.

So don’t listen to them. You risk alienating us, the paying customers, with your annoying Christmas ads at the height of October.

Stop it now. Or don’t, actually. I’m past caring. I just know one thing.

Not one of my cents is coming your way.


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