It’s the end of the world as we know it (and I feel fine)

Right, let’s talk facts. Not to sound like a whining little fool, but that English ref did the All Blacks wrong. Two clear examples – that pass to Michalak was forward, and play shouldn’t have been allowed to continue. Secondly, when NZ was pressuring the French line at the end, French hands in the ruck were not penalised.

Of course, NZ didn’t do themselves any favours. Richie MacCaw looked disjointed in the second, and at this level you should be hitting every penalty and drop-goal you try. In the end, I’m sad it’s over, but all I can say to the All Blacks is this – thanks for the memories. Too bad you choked again, but I’m still with you.

This World Cup has just lost it’s best team, to a side that’s really not that good. Come on Argentina, and God forbid the fecking kudus win it.

On a happier note, Rock Down Harare was pretty good. With watching the rugby at the Scud we only got there after eleven, only to find they had erected a BIG SCREEN next to the stage, and it was showing the rugby!

We also just got there as the Rusike Brothers were finishing their set, it was a bit of alright, although they’re looking a bit on the veteran side 🙂 They were followed by some young punks, doing only covers, notably a couple of very weak Metallicas.

Final impression? These boys know how to throw a party, sound system was awesome and there are some very pretty young white girls out there!

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  1. I would rather the kudus than the successful defense by the Poms to be honest. They would just be insufferable. Not that they arent already, but more so.

  2. I guess I should nominally support the Blairtoilerites coz everyone I have supported so far crashes out. Use some reverse psychology

  3. The kudus are ok….remember keg white a few years ago…? And the Reds??? U ignored my sms on wed night!

  4. Who has surprised me: Man City. Its early days yet, but they have really laid the platform for a solid season.

  5. Iwe, City are working on building that team with no loot – reminds of many of these teams.

    Vusa, I can’t reply your SMSs when I don’t have airtime, remember some of use are Zimbabweans bra.

    Go Argentina, the pumas are gonna maul those little kudus!

  6. re: the Pumas. At the beginning of this campaign I would have disagreed, but all record books have been thrown out this year, so anything can happen. Kudos though to Fiji for a spirited campaign. That oft ill-used word ‘passion’ comes to mind.

  7. I couldnt watch any other rugby after saturday night……..the way I feel, I think I will resolve myself to the Currie Cup. It wont hurt so much

  8. I always have belief in the pumas but I also could feel NZ going down. Shame for your loss but England are still going on strong.

  9. Wow!!! In a good location. I hope your client – i assume- allows you time to enjoy the scenery and the tourists- the femmes of course.

  10. It’s still early. They be crawling out out of the woodwork for the night and weekend life. I hope. Good Luck!

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