Dear ‘journalists’

A few questions from a concerned reader, since you seem to have lost all your focus over the past couple of weeks.

By the way, this is only directed at actual journalists. If you’re from Herald and ZBC please walk on by.

You’ve spent all this time as pawns on Jonathan Moyo’s chessboard, chasing shadows and tabloid tales instead of focussing on the real issue.

ZANU-PF destroyed the constitutional process, but as soon as you heard “Tsvangirai’s penis” you went haring off after it, taking your eye off the ball(s).

So now I wanna know; how far with the constitutional process?

Where are we regarding Welshman Ncube’s status?

Of the people trying to take over Save Valley Conservancy, how many already own land and multiple farms?

What’s the situation in Marange, especially regarding army involvement with the Chinese?

Are there smuggling flights going in and out of Marange, and to what extent is the Mozambican government complicit in allowing this?

How far are preparations for the WTO summit, and what’s the process regarding tenders and building of infrastructure, especially for foreign firms?

Get back to work, please, and stop wasting our time with rubbish concerning someone’s private life. A wedding has nothing to do with national politics.

Stop embarassing yourselves.

11 Replies to “Dear ‘journalists’”

  1. hello
    U are joking right? this dude has no sense of timing(he chooses now with all these crucial decisions and events taking place). journalist are trained to follow the news he diverted the country’s attention by his ways. FYI the media is in a business and as provenn by tie sex sells his story and actions are newsworthy need to wlak by write, pen and share this story

  2. That’s a poor excuse. His “timing” of his own wedding is bad?

    And he diverted the country by getting married, thereby creating “news”?

    “Sex sells” so this makes it alright to dump real news for money-spinning tabloid gwaans?

    I. Rest. My. Case.

    Now, they should get back to fucking work.

  3. I’ve been saying this since this saga started. MT’s wedding or non wedding or whatever shouldn’t be in the national public forum. Let’s discuss issues that actually affect people’s lives like the constitution and the update on with that.

  4. Fellaz whilst I think it is necessary to focus on other broader national issues are u saying we shld just let MrT does whatever he thinks? He is our potential leader and ofcourse we gta this because elections are around the corner and its gna be decision tym soon and these are some of the issues we gta consider plus mari dzaari kungo ripa idzo ko kana ave panyanga mari dzedu achaita sei nadzo

  5. What makes you think that what Morgan Tsvangirai does in his bedroom has anything to do with you?

  6. Yes that is bedroom stuff, it shld be kept there. We want this guy running all over the country to mek zim better. That’s all we need n yes the media has done a gud job tellin him that cos we are the constituency and we deserve respect too from him hey

  7. And, pray tell, has Morgan Tsvangirai disrespected YOU. And I mean, specifically, YOURSELF. What has he done to YOU.

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