Dear South African Student

I see your black behind walking them streets, taking your future into your own hands.

I see your black behind singing and dancing and taking your government to account. I see you marching on Houses and Buildings demanding your rights, and I see that it is good.

I see you on TV, though. I see you from Harare in Zimbabwe, on the voyeuristic eNCA and the sneering SABC News. I wish my black behind was with you. Hell, I wish I could mobilise my own fearful black behind, and also march on Houses with a mass of blacks behind me.

I see you from afar, your black behind toiling in the heat, running from your own police and teargas in front of your own Parliament, and I am proud. I hear reports of your black behind being shot with rubber bullets and live ammunition and tossed in jail and charged with High Treason, and I am disgusted.

Don’t let your black behind be held down, and don’t let the black behind you be held down by those who seek to keep you from taking what’s yours.

I am black, and am fully behind your black behind as you fight to ensure that no black is left behind.

Go ‘head, wit yo bad self.

Never stop. A luta continua.



P.S. You too, white and Indian and Martian and Venutian student, whether you’re from Saturn or Uranus, as long as your anus is marching alongside, before and behind the black behind, I love you too.

Photo: TimesLIVE

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  1. At least they’ve stopped messing around with Rhodes. Rhodes akazvifira zvake kudhara! As the jingle used to go ‘rambai makashinga’. #thestruggleisreal

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