Dearth at the cinema

I won’t lie to you, gentle reader (yes, I’m channeling The Herald, just bare with me) – I am real bored.

Their was a time I would take the young lady to Eastgate movie-house, to catch one of the many popular flicks on show. Now the weather and general decay has taken the toll and I no longer visit the bioscope.

There was a time one could easily go into the local video club and hire a couple of DVDs but that is like playing the Lotto and quality is not a guaranteed!

So I have been watching downloaded films (not by me, Anti-Piracy Guy), but most of them are rubbish and I cunt remember when I last watched a thrilling flick.

Hang on, I watched The Hurt Locker the other day, and that was one splendid movie. If you haven’t watch it, please haste to your nearest vendor and acquire that flick. It’s great! Best movie I have seen in years, and I see a LOT of movies.

Okay, seriously now, what is all this shit coming out? Transformers, Duplicity, Underworld, Wolverine, Race to fool Mountain, blah blah, all rubbish brain-dead nonsense.

Remember, like, movies? You know, Notting Hill, Broken Arrow, Meet Joe Black, The Mummy, Con Air, motherfecking Face/Off? Remember that, when screenwriters at least gave us credit for having brains, and people still made original shit instead of diving into history for remake fodder.

Judas Priest, they made a second Pink Panther. Really. REALLY?

Ignore me, I’m just bored. At least there’s a few good series – Dollhouse, Castle, Mentalist, Dresden Files …

… guess I’ll just have to wait for District 9 to come out.

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  1. Guys are more interested in TV. Television is the way forward. TIVO/PVR/On Demand; surround sound, HD, flat screen, lcd, led and all that shit means we watch it at home.

    Eastgate – yuk

  2. have u watched Jerusalema. its been out for a while now but its a pretty good south african gangster flick

  3. i rather enjoyed Pink Pather 2, inspector clouseau is ridiculously funny…. a 3rd instalment is in order. if not i would settle for Jonny English 2.

  4. Yeah, I watched Jerusalema, oddly, the last time I was at the movies!! Pretty good, I’d say.

    As for you, ACM, I’m not surprised you enjoyed the sequel to a dodgy remake of a classic film. If you think Steve Martin as the Inspector is ridiculously funny, there’s no hope for ya. 🙂

    BuffDiddle, I’m actually looking for a PVR. I asked Multichoice Zim for an SD PVR, but they only doing HDs now. Bugger.

    And you better not say “go HD”.

  5. C’mon Clouseau’s humour is delirious, proving the old adage that whats stupid is always one’s sensibilities. the romance this time around beats Jane Austen’s best works,

  6. I started lamenting the death of cinema when I had to pay to watch the total rubbish that was daredevil i believe. The one with Ben Affleck acting as the blind super hero. Ok I know in movies we are being lied to anyway but I take offense when someone’s plot is shakier and flimsier than a cheating husband’s excuses about coming in @ 5am. I mean come on! The drivel that is movies like Glitter/Obsessed have the opportunity to be introduced to the masses while lesser known movies have to practically whore themselves out to the media to be noticed. Its the same with muisc…. Les Nubians great neo soul duo singing about the world and its issues….not well known. Britney Spears sang Oops I did it again with bare midriff and manages to have the masses coming to worship her. MSSSCCCHEEEWWWW …NIGERIAN MOVIE KISS OF THE TEETH TO IT ALL!

  7. See, the problem with certain genres of movies is it’s a hit-or-miss thing. Daredevil was a comic-book film, and remember comics run for volumes and years,sometimes decades.

    To try and condense that into two hours is a schlep, and you either get shit like Punisher or awesomeness like Hulk.

    As for music, what annoys me most is that almost all the great songs have already been written and performed, and these bastards are rehashing old stuff, some of which is sacred and should remain untouched.

    e.g. the Ciara song I heard yesterday “If that boy don’t love you by now, he will never ever ever love you … oooh”. Imeanshitgoddamn.

    Conversely, did you get just get stuck on the African movie channel, transfixed at the silliness of it all?

  8. Posting this for the third time. Not you black but I reckons it’s the browser.

    Have the HDPVR. Buy the SD or wait till UEC’s version comes out. Rumour mill says it will be better.

    HD software is poor and it’s unresponsive. There is only one HD channel – but the viewing is amazing. You can record two channels but it has no On Demand service.

    Jerusarema – Tendeka Matatu – Zim boy, the director IIRC.

    Too many great comics have been made into bad movies.

    Once again TV is the new cinema with directors like Jerry Bruckheimer, who needs more?

  9. Yeah, been looking for an SD, guess will have to search the classifieds.

    I’m currently trying to organise some Voltron … I woke up on a serious Voltron trip this morning.

    “From days of long ago, from uncharted regions of the universe, comes a legend. The legend of Voltron: Defender of the Universe. A mighty robot, loved by good, feared by evil.”

    The narrator was Peter Cullen, and he also did Optimus Prime in Transformers. That guy has a seriously deep voice.

  10. I thought the whole point of the post was the bad grammer and spelling.

    For all y’all looking for something worthwhile, I strongly recommend looking to the east, Korean films. The Vengeance Trilogy is a good place to start. Or the Infernal Affairs trilogy, especially if you liked The Departed.

  11. I saw something called The Sniper the other day, I *think* it was Korean … totally stupid, but like African movies, you sit there transfixed wondering what could possibly come next.

  12. The only tv I’ll be watching this weekend;

    New Zealand:

    15 Mils Muliaina,
    14 Joe Rokocoko,
    13 Conrad Smith,
    12 Ma’a Nonu,
    11 Sitiveni Sivivatu,
    10 Stephen Donald

    South Africa:

    15 Francois Steyn,
    14 JP Pietersen,
    13 Jaque Fourie,
    12 Jean de Villiers,
    11 Bryan Habana,
    10 Ruan Pienaar

    Cant stop tingling with anticipation 🙂

    Mr Dan Carter on pivot would have made me dizzy with excitement.

  13. SHould have said that watch the Korean movies by Tartan Asia Extreme. That’ll exclude a lot of stupidity. I am getting all excited over Mad Men series two.

  14. Mad Men is a boring crock of shit. Bring back Boston Legal.

    Shamwari tomorrow there’s be fire, I hope the All Blacks don’t fuck this one up!!!

  15. JB, you have no idea what you are talking about, you Chuck loving ignoramous! 🙂

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