feck you, Econet!

Dear Soon To Be Former Cellular Provider


Die a long, horrible death, preferably engulfed in your own flaming ignorance.

Oh, and stop fecking around giving ‘bonus’ points when the *140# menu to access said bonus points is fecked.

Many thanks

Joe Black

So here I am trying to use *140# on my new Windows 7 Phone, and I’m thinking oh maybe it’s the phone, let’s try the other phone.

Only to find out that NO the *140# thingy doesn’t actually work anymore. So after buying all that credit, $50 to be exact, just to get to the magic number, I can’t even redeem those ‘bonus’ points for ONE feckING DOLLAR of airtime so I can make this call?

Not that I can’t go down the corner and get more credit, but it’s a matter of principle at this point. If the faceless morons at Econet would pull their thumbs out their butts and fix this damn system, then this screaming would be pointless. feckwits.

It’s very big of you to take out all your frustrations on the poor customer service people.
I tried, but the retards didn’t even pick up.
So you’re having what amounts to a nervous breakdown, and it’s the cellular company’s fault?
Exactly. feck me, you’re perceptive.
Yes, I am. And that’s how I know this has nothing to do with 500 points, and everything to do with Jack Bauer.
Come on. I always knew that’s how it would be.
But now he’s actually gone. 24 ended.
It was inevitable, really. Sad, though. That even though we’ve been together for such a long time, it’ll never be …
Nothing is.
As your Inner Child, I’d just like to point out that when we chose roles, MINE was the cynic. Where did this pessimism come from? Besides, it’s not true. There’ll always be Game of Thrones, and Sons of Anarchy.
Yeah? Name one thing, besides this stomach, that’s going to be with me forever.
Oh God. Kill me now.

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  1. feel your pain. mobile banking was down and so was the effing 140. wut’s the point. please can mtn please take over netone then my econet line will be for receiving calls only

  2. No need for diplomacy, if you’re Jonathan Moyo. He’s the attack dog, and answers only to one person.

    So nobody, not the Party, the Government or anyone can be held responsible for his irresponsible barking.

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