Missing Victoria Falls; and Wonderful Kariba

Kariba - lovelyNow that I’m home, I can’t help but notice that a lot of the shine has worn off Harare. In fact, it neither looks nor feels like the city I left two months ago.

For one thing, the people look tired. There is a kinda hangdog lethargy about everyone, like they’re been beaten down by power-cuts, water-cuts, shortages and so forth. They don’t have shortages in Vic Falls, but it could be on an entirely different planet for all the evidence.

On a happier note, Kariba was awesome, the company was excellent and I saw the biggest fecking ephelant I have ever seen. And I, swam free in the middle of Lake Kariba and even went tubing.* Photos are coming soon.

Right, now to find rice.

* Tubing is where you get pulled behind a speed-boat on an inflatable tube. Scary.

17 Replies to “Missing Victoria Falls; and Wonderful Kariba”

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  2. Mr black wats up the time we spent too little you don’t belong to harare no zesa no water etc i could see your face changing when we experienced zesa cuts so i believe with just one day you’ve spent there you must looking ugly due to the faces you used to make when zesa cuts, oh well bra have a nice time falls is missing you man worse the kingdom hotel ( casino ) not to ,mession misheck he’s damn missing you bra.

  3. Morning Black wats up hope you sleep well, here in skies people just wake up in the ques as though they slept at bank entrances shaa these money shortages are getting worse

  4. You right Joe Vic Falls is the place to be enjoyed Tuku at Elephants Hill last Thursday – its a shame you cldnt make it!

  5. JB, I hear you are already making your presence felt in Harare, the ripple effect of which is being felt as far as INIDIA! Zim v WI featured a JB cameo in the Scud and Nanny, go boy!!!!!

  6. Shamwari, you are getting a bit lax on the updating of the blog posts. And if my sources are anything to go by, its probably coz you’ve taken up a new hobby, hehehe, binge-drinking!

    PS I tagged you!

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