H-Metro front page LIES!

So H-Metro is rubbish – we all know that. The problem is, we tend to believe the stuff we see in it. That’s because some of their stories are straight out of the court record, and they’re funny as hell. So we read it. And some of us actually buy it.

Today’s H-Metro, though, has a blatantly fake front-page story, and a sharp-eyed workmate (with the memory of an elephant, apparently) clued us in.

In 2009 a scandal broke out in Tanzania. See, there was this website called zeutamu.com which used to, well, do tabloid shit. They posted naked and compromising pictures of celebs and politicians, but many of these were Photoshop jobs.

The last straw was when they did this to President Kikwete, and were promptly shut down and the owner arrested (in Essex, UK). By Interpol, no less.

Right. So in today’s headline story, H-Metro claim there’s a Zimbabwean woman named Caroline Masaraure who posts naked pictures to her Facebook. She’s allegedly also a member of UFI Ministries, founded by the infamous “Prophet” Emmanuel Makandiwa. Irrelevant, but there you go.

Now, barring the fact that naked pictures don’t last a day on Facebook, one of the photos has “Caroline” posing with a girl my mate had seen before.

On zeutamu.com, no less.

BUT, and here’s the big butt, we did find other pics and discussions of the other girl in the photos. After a lot (I mean, a lot) of research, we eventually found out that the light girl is named Nsia Swai, she is indeed Tanzanian, she’s kind of a celebrity, she sued 5 tabloids because of these pictures, and H-Metro is full of shit.

So what’s the story here? Did H-Metro reporter Nigel Pfunde do this himself, create a fake person and mould a tabloid story around it, so they could sell newspapers with naked girls on the front?

Or did someone create a fake Facebook profile and hoodwink H-Metro into believing this hogwash?

Either way, that’s fecked up.

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35 Replies to “H-Metro front page LIES!”

  1. I guess, editors sometimes give their contributors to much trust to meticulously check their stories. I like the way you brought in the historical aspects surrounding the story.

    Sex is everywhere and no one needs to frabricate it as you claim Joe.

  2. You give them too much credit, Jeff. Firstly, the editors are fully responsible for every story published. Even more so with FRONT PAGE.

    Secondly, you’re actually suggesting they didn’t make this shit up? That Nigel Pfunde was closed by someone?

    Possible I guess, but I think they cooked this one up.

  3. I dont know if its true or not but if these pictures are fake, i hurt u H-Metro u tunished someone’s image. Image if u were the one. I hurt u for sure.

  4. this is sick h metro, these pictures have been in circulation in zambia since last year these are not zimbos. in the power point pics they claimed to originate from some zambian college! H Metro now desperat 4 news and shld stop destroyn peoples lies,

  5. H metro should be banned. Imagine, it is sold on our streets unsensored!. What are we teaching our children by letting them see such newspapers displayed on the streets?

  6. The pics are censored Jax, that’s not the issue for me. It’s a tabloid, that’s their stock in trade.

    But not if the story is fake, that’s where the line is drawn.

  7. But this is what journalists do: any trash to sell papers, and any lies to help their friends. Just look what those a**holes did to d**** o****** when d**** z****** needed to push her lies. Imagine what that slut got away with and did to his family! Journos are just sad

  8. you see these bastards are at it again today writing “A new twist to the naked facebook lady” bastards bastards bastards. That newspaper is satanic to say the least.

  9. Wait a goddamn minute! Who the hell are all these people commenting? JB, what did you do? Could it be that this post (read ‘these pics’) are selling this blog? Oh, the irony!

  10. Did you even read the post? You can be really stupid, sometimes.

    If I was cynical enough to be selling my blog with these pictures, they’d be AT THE TOP of the story, blown up and magnified.

    Read the story, and try again. I expect better, I honestly do.


  11. *Sigh* Uhm, okay! So that tone is soooo uncalled for. I was onlymaking an observation. That it was ironic the post may have become popular, INADVERTENLY, for the wrong reason, which some of the post is about. The post does comment on the cheap use of nude imagery to sell, no?

    My bad if I have it all wrong.

  12. … said the fly to the spider! But to be honest, looking at the Google reports, the searches that brought many people here had a lot to do with “Caroline Masaraure” and “H Metro naked pictures” and such stuff.

    So you’re right, and that it was inadvertent. But let’s not impeach my motives, as they were nothing but noble.


  13. Good day! I could have sworn I’ve visited this web site before but after going through some of the posts I realized it’s new to me. Anyhow, I’m certainly delighted I came across it and I’ll be bookmarking it and checking back often!

  14. Tara’s ryt, and chief, even if the photo’s aren’t blown up and all, you really are getting a lot of attention for this post… Something you knew wld happen given yo insight on how Editors use cheap stories and imagery to sell papers… You took up this challenge of exposing H-Metro’s story knowing damn well yu’d get the attention for the photos, coz yeah they do sell and here they are… all digital… So yeah, yo no different from these editors regardless how noble yo intent was… So in Tara’s short precise expression, “Eat Me!!!”

  15. Interesting how you’re all up in my mind, my mentality and my thinking at the time.

    “knowing damn well” … what are you, a Jedi? LOL

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