19 Replies to “Happy Birthday Minnie Mouse!”

  1. Happy happy day madam hope to see you soon in person!! Love the yellow dress ….:)

  2. lol thanks. angotadza hako color coordination but the thought’s soooo sweet.

  3. happy b-day mademoiselle, miss ya loads.

    anon- age ain’t nothing but a number women tend to fiddle with numbers anyway…

  4. Damn right, women fiddle with the numbers. Try asking a woman how many men she’s slept with … multiply whatever response you get by 5! LOL.

    That’s a joke, by the way.

  5. Exactly. No good can possibly come out of that question. That is one truth nobody should be forced to handle.

  6. well shops and businesses have already done that for him. he beta come up with another rescue line. i thot you’d be watching closely JB and then give us your version of the statement.

  7. Unfortunately I’m stuck in office with neither telly nor radio, so I can’t give you my live take on this monetary policy bullsh … oops, statement.

  8. I’ve heard nothing. Either it’s going on rather long or there’s a media blackout, lol. Will start getting info in at lunch-time, I guess.

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