7 Replies to “Hello world”

  1. Saw one of the funniest slogans I have seen here in a while: Shoplifting is not a crime. Winona Ryder should come and visit Japan.

  2. Hmmm, wait, I know this game:

    “Love”? No. Uhm, “hate”? Can’t be it. Okay, how about this?

    u gotta [start to dislike this pathetic jumble of confused hulks, shell-shocked at the pace of] this game

  3. Maybe, you just got game, but said in an Italian mafioso boss growl.

    Ok, so we know my shona is atrocious. How would you translate to a white person ‘Hapana anonyengererwa’. Coz kunyengerera is more than just trying to persuade or to coax, but not quite brown nosing either. While we are at it, how about ‘anozvinzwa sugar’ or ‘anozvidhonza’. I am trying to educate my coterie of white hangers on, but I need to be schooled myself first.

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