It’s gonna be a lovely day

SunflowersGiven that I am always complaining, I decided to give myself a break and think of 10 things I am actually happy about and give thanks for:

  1. My family, the good, the bad and the extremely ugly leeching ones too. They are a fantastic support network and my mother is the coolest bank in the world.
  2. Being able to talk to people, see them, listen to them, smell what fragrance they are wearing and have a cold drink and taste it all at the same time: my 5 senses
  3. That despite taking up 2 or 3 seats on the kombi that I do have my health. There will be no ‘garisanayi five five here’.
  4. I have really good hair, which I am not too attached to, evidenced by my shaving it all off 3 times.
  5. Sunlight. I can’t get enough of the stuff. Especially winter sun, turning your face up to meet its warm rays and that feel good feeling it gives you.
  6. The cut price supermarket which permits my survival in those key countdown days before payday when the cupboard is well and truly bare.
  7. I have really good taste in clothes. Since we are not being negative I won’t mention how that good taste doesn’t apply to the men in my life.
  8. Making the most of my early 20s. I was beautiful, I knew it and goddamn the rest of the world knew it too.
  9. Being able to laugh at myself and trying not to take myself too seriously. When it’s all said and done, it ain’t a thing.
  10. Just being alive. Many comrades in arms have I lost.

27 Replies to “It’s gonna be a lovely day”

  1. I’m grateful for my friends. Like the lovely girl who sent me a new razor that just arrived safely (and surprisingly). Didn’t think Zimpost was still even working.

  2. Oh yeah, cheers Fidel, you beacon of resistance you. You signified everything that being an arsehole stood for, and showed me what balls are.

    You have outlasted nine U.S. presidents, lived through numerous CIA plots, spawned a massive global hat fashion and made some of the longest (and annoying) speeches the world has heard.

    You’re my hero. Viva La Revolución.

  3. Yeah that’s true … I was gonna go str8 home after the game but I just decided fuck it, so Alias and me went to Fife Ave and drank a few beers lol.

    And I’m not the only one who was cooked!

  4. Oh no, Book Cafe and Mannenberg at Fife Avenue shopping center, futsek.

    LOL Patrick Vieira, you hapless son of a bitch. How the mighty have fallen. Yay Liverpool.

  5. thanks be to the ref who apparently received an envelope in his hotel room from Rafa to save his job for a while.

    Book Cafe and Mannenberg mmmmmmmmmmm…………I know you

  6. So it seems my on again off again zim trip is off again. My ass is South America bound: got a job in Costa Rica.

  7. Hablo un poco. He estudiado a la univerdad de zimbabue por dos anos pero he olvidado mucho porque no hablo con los espanoles o los hispanicos.

  8. “I speak a little. I have studied the univerdad of zimbabwe for two years but I have forgotten a lot because I do not speak with the Spanish or Hispanic.” – Google Translation 😀

  9. Give it a few years, those machines will be running our lives and we will be their lowly minions. Look at how your laptop has you by the jacksies.

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