Oh, damn it all to hell

It’s not just that I was backing Ivory Coast to win the 2008 edition of the African Cup of Nations. No, that’s not it.

Nor even the fact that Ghana, the hosts, have been booted in the semi-finals of their own tourney. By a Cameroon who have won the damn thing every time they’ve beaten the hosts in the semis.

Well, either that or get raped by Egypt like they did in the first game. Anyway.

It’s that both Michael Essien and Didier Drogba will be available to fecking destroy Liverpool on Sunday.

Life kinda sucks sometimes.

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  1. Life sucks yes but we shall overcome them at stanford bridge

    have faith and you will never walk alone

  2. Yo JB I can’t meet today but are you going to watch the Pool/Chelsea match. I’d like to meet on Sunday and catch the game if you’re down.

  3. Alias, the leprosy clinic in Mutoko might be worth a look in while you are on your mission of mercy.

  4. As a woman of dubious character, I am never afraid to admit to my mistakes: I was wrong, ZTA got their ish together, I will be a doubting Thomas no longer. If they say Beyonce is next, I will be a true believer.

  5. Eleanor I’ve visited the leprosy clinic briefly but I think as of now I have enough to keep me busy for a bit

  6. (RE: the last comment in the last post) I am impressed Alias. You make my job in a charity look like child’s play.

  7. Oh, and I didn’t think you were extremist. Just the image at first glance, to someone with no clue, was a bit daunting.

    So how about the way Keegan got his as whooped. Kinda feel sorry for the guy. He is only trying to help the team that he loves.

    And speaking of which, does it not bother anyone that players and managers can move around between teams easy? Yet the fans tend to be very committed to thesame team, sometimes all their lives. What exactly are fans fans of? The name? The players? What?! What is it that the fans love when the people making up the team never are the same? What in the teams they support is consistent and keeps them true and loyal? Shouldn’t the players be expectedshow the same degree of committment as the fans?

  8. i have noticed in my few years on this globe that there tend to be 3 types of fans

    team fans who follow thier chosen team thru thick and thin thru player/manager/division changes and so on

    player fans who follow certain player/s religiously and will support whatever team they are playin for just coz s/he is playin for said team

    then there are the opportunists they follow which ever team is winnin at the moment

    players are a bit more fickle you have your die hard player who will sweat blood for his team and stick with it thru thick and thin

    then there is the transit player who looks at the club as a stepping stone to attaining a position at another club

    finally there’s the player who’s just tryin to put food on the plate

  9. hey i hear the joe thomas show was off the hook… once those who attended recover from your hangovers please submit your oppinions

  10. I’m awake now.

    Okay. Alias, Liverpool is on, scarf and everything. Actually, the AfCon final is at the same time, lol. Keg and Maiden, bra.

    Vusa, yes your SMSes came in, but I can’t send to Mocambique now I don’t know why not bru. Enjoy.

    As for the other Joe, I was THIS CLOSE to taking a ticket and going … but I didn’t. Just couldn’t be arsed really.

    As for fans … I love Liverpool, but I always keep one eye on lickle Mikey Owen.

  11. And yes, Alias is putting us all to shame. If it takes a white boy from Canada to work on a hospital in Mutoko, where all our ‘experts’ when we need them?

    I wish I had that strength …

  12. Ah, but Alias is here for 6 months, then he returns to the civilisation of running water, electricity at the flick of a switch, a decently paying job, a full tank in his vehicle of choice, food mountains hoarded because farmers need to be subsidised and the comfort of knowing that tomorrow is going to be pretty much the same as the day before. No offense or nothing, bra.

  13. good goin benji

    well done Man city

    now if only liverpool can give us more of the same

    🙂 we live and hope

  14. yah that picture is priceless

    in other news cameroon were robbed by that tosser of a ref

    and liverpool failed to beat chelsea even tho they had the better game…

    well a draw is better than a loss i guess but i wld have loved to kick em tho

  15. The Arabs won Afcon – I’m not impressed. Anyway now that is out of the way, real sport begins with the S14 and the new funny laws

  16. Firstly I would like to congratulate… Arsenal on stamping out a 5 point lead in the premiership.

    Joe thanks for the brews and company,
    though my ass still hurts from being on that stool for like 7 hours…

    Eleanor, I’m not offended one bit- but aren’t you in Japan where you have access to all those things?

    Gala what do yo do?

  17. JB I’m coming back next weekend to watch iRobot and the FA Cup Match (I think) I’ll holla at ya then.

  18. Alias – Nothing half as exciting as what you do. I work in UK grants at Comic Relief. Basically help give away money raised by the Red Nose Day campaigns and Sport Relief. I do admin and assess and make small grants, among other things. But mainly sit at my desk and try to look pretty.

  19. Way to go ManU. Arsenal fans must still be weeping from yesterday. What the hell happened out there. Not that i am complaining. Have always sort of supported ManU.

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