18 Replies to “I’m feeling Influenzial”

  1. JB, we have talked about this before. There is a difference between The Flu and Man Flu (also known as the common cold). Which do you have my friend?

  2. Thanks babe, I’m getting some rest, under duvet with loads of water and juices. And television. And internet.

    Now if only I could get some company … hmmm.

    P.S. > Tara … wha’evrrrrr.

  3. Eow! Some company so you can pass on your germs. Kana ndiwewo!

    Ok, Obama NOW wants the Michigan and Florida delegates to get their voting rights fully reinstated. At this stage, what does it really matter? Party unity? My ass.

  4. Nah, I need a nurse shamwari.

    What’s this about Mi and Fl that I haven’t heard? Uchanyeba iwe, that doesn’t sound credible, and I can’t see how the Obama campaign would want that?

    Update: – seems he has asked for it. I still don’t understand, but there are details here.

  5. Dude I think that it was all those Redds you were downin. It’s ok for Minnie but for a dude that was a bit funny and yes I did have one – was thirsty.

    My team did the great escape and I wanna make a public bet with you over the next game against your boys. If Sports Club win, I will get a banner with your URL at our games for one month. If we win you change Rustyface colours green and you rename it GreenGate for a week.

    Bet on?

  6. Buffdaddy, there’s nothing wrong with Redds, I kinda like it. The option was Savannah! lol.

    Okay … here we go. I’ll write a post defining the terms, okay?

    Tara, a little better, cough is gone, now it’s a textbook cold, thanks.

  7. Currency? My bank, CABS, haven’t been able to give me any cash since the change-over happened.

    They just don’t have any.

    As for the bombing .. I think they’re still wondering whether to blame the MDC or the hardcore criminals recently released under the recent Presidential pardon.


  8. I have a couple of bank accounts in ZIM with money in them untouched since at least 8 years ago. I was just wondering what the chances are that I’m still in the black. How hard would it be for me to access it without a bank card or book or anything.

    What’s all this business about a bomb?

  9. Buffdaddy leave JB alone. redds is good. whats this about a bomb? how you feeling JB?

  10. The latest is that the cops are bein interviewed. Here is my take on it. They picked up this thing and our ZRP aren’t the sharpest pencils in the box. It was left lying around and then kaboom. Very silly, very embarassing and no sabotage at all.

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