Prophets profit from proletariat

LamborghiniWe rant and rave about charismatic preachers of prosperity, flagrantly flaunting their flamboyant extravagances.

They are living lavishly on the backs of the poor, hoodwinked masses. They are leading God’s sheep astray. They are vain wolves in sheep’s clothing. They are in it for the money.

Only one thing has changed from our childhood, though. Ma levels asiyana.

Remember the churches, temples and cathedrals of our youth? Fathers in robes, stained-glass windows, offering bowls filling with coins no one could eat. The massive golden crosses, inset gems winking like drops of blood.

Those temples, they were like giant fists built to beat us down, to take our spirits and chain them to worldly fears. The priests told us we were flawed and then promised to heal us.

All we needed to do was pay and pray.

Coins for our absolution, calluses for our knees. But remember how splendid the robes were? That’s what we paid for.

It is the same dynamic repeated through the ages, yet it’s only reached a new dimension through the lavish lifestyles of our Prophet Class. Bentleys and Lamborghinis, the new vestments for your shepherd.

So you may cry and wail that our Prophet Class are wasting the people’s money. I say meet the new boss, same as the old boss.

Religion as theft? No way. The prophets cannot be crooks and liars! Also, rainbows are just unicorn bridges across the sky.

I swear.

3 Replies to “Prophets profit from proletariat”

  1. power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely.

    true that Ma levels asiyana, the difference is down to the customer base innit, new tech allows them to reach thousands, where a church would have a following of a few hundred (if that), we now talk of thousands, driven by the promise of salvation and riches, all for the price of… well, how much is your soul worth, in US dollar terms.

    I don’t doubt that these ‘profits’ started out with good intentions, but as more and more people start to want to drink you bath water and donate their last bread money, that shit gotta go to your head eventually.

    the really sad part of it is that people will just keep finding ways to justify their chosen pastor, priest, profit or whatever’s lavish life styles, i dare anyone to try and tell the devout follower that they are being scammed when said man of the cloth rolls up in a flash new lambo, or they catch a glimpse of the ‘humble’ pad with the 50 acre lawn, crib all festooned with imported marble and gold leaf pasted onto everything it can stick to.

    correct me if I’m wrong, but the basic principal for any would be man of the cloth should be the rejection of all worldly things, embracing the Lord and being nourished by the spirit and so on…. right?

    Its all going down man.

  2. Dude, I I have great doubts that these guys started with good intentions.

    Look at that “Angel” character. That slick motherfucker is a con-man through and through, that dude wasn’t called by no god.

    I remember the old-time priests and pastors. Dude would use a bike and ride the whole town (unlike these guys, who … ride … the whole town) helping chemberes and preaching and teaching kids and all sorts.

    Lambo? Pshhhh.

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