African statement on the political crisis in the United Kingdom

FILE PHOTO: Demonstrators clash with police officers during a pro-Brexit rally in Parliament Square on March 29, 2019 in London, England, which is part of the United Kingdom. (Dan Kitwood / Getty Images)

We pledge our support to the people of the United Kingdom who are protesting for democratic representation. We would like to take this opportunity to remind the unelected leader of Britain of his obligations to respect the democratic will of the people.
We would remind both the Prime Minister and the Queen of Britain that power is derived from the people, through their elected representatives, and we are strongly against any efforts to sideline Parliament in matters of governance. The regime must respect and adhere to these principles.
We would also like to remind the UK regime that it is their obligation to respect the rights of all European migrants and protect them from both harm and unfair deportation.
We would also urge both sides to formulate a plan to come together and discuss peace in a civil manner, and will be supporting and advising these efforts. We also urge patience from the people currently on the streets and ask them to be resilient and not resort to violence.
We implore the security forces and Metropolitan Police to show restraint in this difficult time, and to respect the human rights of all those exercising their rights to protest in London and in the rural areas.
We also hope that the BBC state media show restraint and report in a non-partisan matter.
In the same breath, we urge service providers not to disrupt or shut down the internet during this time of crisis.
We look forward to shepherding the ruling regime on crafting a written constitution, and will be advising on, and sending observers to, a referendum on said constitution.
We look forward to brokering a peaceful resolution to the current crisis and are confident that talks will begin as soon as possible.
We hereby reiterate our commitment to spreading democratic values and strong institutions to nations across the Western world, who find themselves in need of both support and technical assistance.
Africa stands ready to assist, both in resources and in expertise.