Goodbye, Jack Bauer

Watched the eighth episode of 24 season 8 last night. And promptly fell asleep. I woke up after a little while, only to find Her, who absolutely LOVES 24, fast asleep.

First of all, I remember you getting stabbed last week, Jack. In the belly. With a knife. Before the Russians took you away.

Now they’re torturing you, suspended by your wrists from a ceiling pipe, feet half-a-metre from the floor. You’re taking electric shocks to your bleeding knife-wound in the belly, and still refusing to talk. Awesome!

Wait a minute, you’ve knocked this guy out with your legs? Holy crap, now you’ve jiggled up and down until the pipe has dislodged and you free yourself? Oh wait, he’s getting up, you rush into action and break his kneck? Goddamn, Jack.

Now you’re up, gun in hand, ducking and diving through a firefight that you INEVITABLY win?


We’re not ten years old, Jack. This stupid shit just doesn’t cut it anymore. Show us a little respect, goddamnit.

I’m so bored. Please stop it, stop it now. Put him out of his misery.

24 is boring.

2 Replies to “Goodbye, Jack Bauer”

  1. lol. its just a little overdone – same theme, same obstacles, same fights…bloody same story – oh wait, except the new pansy freddie princess jnr.

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