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  1. No shit Sherlock.

    To be fair though, SA were more consistent throughout the tournament. But as finals go, it was a pretty grim and dour affair, only the second final to have no tries scored in it. Like I said earlier on, better the Saskos than the Poms, yes we will never hear the end of it, but a)the Sasko media is not as virile b) there are not as many Saskos as there are Poms, so the odds are significantly reduced.

    J.B. I am hoping that you didnt have any money riding on that game.

  2. I read this very interesting commentary: (yes I read)

    ‘But Connolly is concerned at the game’s obsession. “I don’t accept it was a disaster Australia and New Zealand went out so soon. The records show both countries were ranked No 1 and No 2 in the world.

    “It just reminded us the World Cup is a one-off tournament, but the trouble is the game has become obsessed with it. Nothing else seems to matter now, and that is wrong. You can’t ignore or devalue four years of rugby between tournaments.

    “But rugby needs to learn from soccer. There, other competitions have enormous importance: the European Championships, the Uefa Champions’ League. World Cups have their place, but the game doesn’t sacrifice everything just for that one event. Rugby must learnthat lesson.”

    South Africa enjoyed a fine World Cup but in essence, Connolly is right. New Zealand remain much the best team in world rugby. One poor day at the office does not make the world’s leading executive a clown.’

    I think I concur. But what do I know?

  3. p.s. does anyone else think that Percy Montgomery looks like a fictional cartoon character, something like Buzz Lightyear?

  4. Aren’t the SA’s smug enuff without this travesty happening! Shit, now they’re gonna be mooooooooooore smug then before.

    I am miffed!

  5. No Elle, Pus … PERCY Montgomery doesn’t remind me of a superhero.

    Even the Zimbo Saskos are chirping, that’s pathetic. When in Rome, I suppose. And yes I am jealous, I also just really really dislike the Kudus.

    They did well in the RWC. But NZ still rules world rugby.

  6. to a more serious question, does anyone think there is any merit to the quota system that they want to implement on the Boks?

  7. Its the craziest idea since the invention of the paper-clip. Ellie, u maybe the top student but if you dont pass the final exam – u have not achieved anything.

  8. With time the team has to reflect the majority of the 45 million people in SA including the 4 million Zimbos. Grassroots development however has to be taken seriously.

  9. But why does the team HAVE ‘to reflect the majority of the 45 million people in SA’? Why then not apply the same reasoning to things like swimming? And does the reverse apply? Football is predominantly black, so should white quotas be applied there? if not, does that not then smack of racism and double standards?

    On a lighter note, read in another article this white SAsko was commenting and he says ‘rugby is for the whites, and football for the blacks, that is how it always has been?’. I am thinking, those are the kinds of attitudes that get people’s asses kicked. Proper.

  10. Haha – well maybe those Afrikaner schools need to start playing soccer too and the guys in Soweto start swimming – the key here is to start at grassroot level.
    Thats what builds an “integrated human settlement” which TeeBoos (Mbeki) is always talking about.

  11. Yeah I suppose, but there will always be imbalances – outdated, non-representative and unfair, but they’re there to stay.

    You can’t force a laatjie into the 1st IV when he’s been dreaming of becoming Surprise Moriri all his life. Make him want to be Bryan Hapana instead!

    Squire I get you, but also a month of work doesn’t destroy 4 years of dominance, does it?


  12. Squire, I do not concur with your analogy:

    Bill Gates: college dropout
    Steve Jobs: college dropout
    Kanye West: college dropout
    Eleanor Madziva: degreed, but unemployed and broke.

    You cant try to force a one-size-fits-all approach to somethings. The work that has gone on before must count for something,

  13. Sistah, we are talking generally. to Andy-Tee, we want to see a team full of players with the skill of Akona Ndugane – result, a thumping from the Zim tean at HSC on a Saturday afternoon

  14. Yes Squire, and we’ll all have Zambezi and Bohlis in our cooler-boxes, and we’ll be standing around our Cadac gas braais with our chicks drinking Hunters and Savanna and Southern Comfort. The police band will be playing Chava Chimurenga and the Minister will be in the stands.

    I dream with you, my brother …

  15. And there IS a pot of gold at the end of each rainbow. And pigs do fly, that’s why Colcom doesnt have any at the moment.

  16. Go maboko-boko. Joe i really gues this put a big smile on ur face:) and for sure u will neva hear the end of this. I can bet with the multi-million rand bonuses these guys are gettin, Brian Habana is going to start a drug syndicate in cape town and live his dream…..to be a cape drug lord

  17. Its the heat in the Vic, its fried his brains. Well, whats left after all the narcs have had their workout on his brain cells. Having come to the realisation that the Vic is ONLY good for a holiday, nothing more than a week.

    Skwaya, re: Colcom + ostriches, ndiyo ka diversification yacho ka, ama survival strategy. They obviously cant look east, the govt would probably whack them with some forex charge, so they look in and make the best of a bad deal. And it could be worse hey, they could REALLY look east, and serve you Rex or Bingo or Spot or Pfutsek iwe! panze, or whatever your dog’s name is.

  18. Oh, she’s always on form isn’t she? Actually, I was having a shitty morning, sorry again Galadriel.

    If only I HAD narcs, would make it more bearable here 🙂

    sipho (gwej), I don’t scheme Hapana would be a good dealer, unless he was flogging to his white middle-class mates. Can anyone say ‘coconut’?

  19. Mad Myk3l, they are bringing in Robocop. Coz Rudy Giuliani was busy.

    Iiiii Brine is lost to us shamwari, bringing whole new meaning to the term ‘token’.

  20. For sheezy Mike, the warrantless killing of Lucky has been hurrd around the world – tight!

    I may be a coconut, but Hapana is soooo white Mushaz.

  21. In the coconut’s defence though, at least he is eloquent. Nothing worse than a David Beckham-sounding coconut.

  22. At the rate they’re going they’ll have to bring in Robocop and The Terminator… Kasi Giuliani is looking for another wife?? that dude is African, how many wives has he had!!?

  23. Naaa, bigger fish to fry (or more axes of evil to vaporise). Rudy wants to be top cop of the whole entire universe. Not if the Clinton dynasty has its way.

  24. On a more serious note though hey, just been reading that SA wants to bring in the F.B.I. to help them tackle crime. Now, by my reckoning, do we really need MORE trigger happy Sarf Efrikens roaming the streets?

  25. The problem is not the system, its the people. It was cheaper to “encourage” the Vice president than the Chief of Police.

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