IPL is still not cricket

I have said it before and I’ll say it again – twenty over cricket is not cricket at all.

It’s a freaking lotto. To be fair, it’s entertaining; that’s the only value it has.

But the idea of the IPL, the concept of making it all seem so fecking Serious and Meaningful? Bollocks.

The Windies are about to lose the first Test in England, yet their best player is mucking about in India, banging sixes (and heavens knows what else).

I couldn’t care less about the Bombay Cellphone Chargers playing the Punani Night Bangawhores … get that shit over with, and give us our game back.

Money does talk, you only have to look at the branding mosaic that is the playing kit, but enough is enough.

Stop calling it cricket. In football we call it a penalty shootout.

Turn it off.

9 Replies to “IPL is still not cricket”

  1. Are you even watching this Test match? The Windies have just wrestled the momentum back, and England are 57/4 in the first hour of the final day.

    Dude. This is cricket.

  2. nope, not watching.

    not watching bollycricket either.

    but i’ll bang a dehli chick over a pasty english girl anyday. if you want my opinion on it.

  3. Damn, ’tis the season when people go crazy and actually think cricket is a worthwhile subject for discussion. I find it sooooo long and forever-taking. Crazy stupid boring! The only thing worse is Golf, Pool/Snooker, any ‘sport’ that involves engines going around in circles. Oh, darts too!

  4. Sweetie Tara – the way to a mans heart is food, sport and sex…you better learn.

  5. Seriously, the way they gone and reported this. Got me all outraged for no reason. Fuckers. Reminds me why people hate the media. Must be a slow day at the Levenson inquiry.

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