Such sweet sorrow – Part 4

She strained back, arching her body so that her silky black hair almost brushed his legs. He felt her shudder deep inside, losing control one more time. Then she came slowly forward, until her flushed face was close to his and he could feel her deep drawn breaths and gentle moans. She smiled and licked her lips. His smiling eyes on hers, he cupped the full smoothness of her buttocks and felt her lift, rising away from his stomach, drawing herself to the end of him. For a moment he had to catch his breadth. She giggled. He laughed.

She eyed him mischievously and moved slowly down on him until he felt the pressure of her muscular loins against his. Her eyes were half closed, the lids trembling as she concentrated on his pleasure. He felt her move inside again as she arched away from him, pushing away from his chest with her hands. Slowly and then faster she rode him, her head thrown back. He watched, excited as he always was by her voluptuous intensity. Then her nails dug into his skin and she was moaning again, over and over.

They lay in his bed for a long time, half-covered by the damp duvet. He turned and looked at her thick, silky black hair spread over his arm and across the blue pillow. They kissed, and exchanged a gentle smile.

Since She had come over to talk yesterday they had been together almost every minute. It was unlike anything she had expected. They had talked about It, about work, about saving his cleaner from a domestic abuse case and the black hole that is Zimbabwe’s legal system. Instead of being “taken out” to grand restaurants by someone who was obviously going to great pains to impress her and make up for some Great Mistake, she had found herself walking alongside him in a shopping mall with no particular sense of urgency or purpose. Found herself eating simple food at odd hours; found herself curled up on the couch in his house with John Legend on the iPod and her feet in his lap, and found in all these simple things that she was deeply affected by him, by them, the way they were together. The spontaneity, the laughter of the whole thing was all the more striking in the context of what her daily routine had become since they had broken up and she had gone back to work.

It wasn’t just a question of the increased pressure which came with discussion, accusation, apology. There was something vaguely scary about being in such close quarters with someone who had caused her so much hurt and pain. In the midst of what seemed sometimes like the ocean of ulterior motive and hidden intention in which she now had to swim, the old He had bobbed up like a life belt. Funny, spontaneous and entirely engrossed with her. Strangely enough she got the feeling that the end of their relationship, and with it the lack of pressure, seemed to afford him the same kind of relief. He seemed to welcome her as if his house were a sanctuary. He only had to touch her and She would relax immediately. And when she touched him it seemed a natural extension of their discourse, their communication. True, he obviously wanted the relationship to go back further than she was ready for, but she believed that in time even that would no longer be an issue.

He breathed her scent and touched her fine skin with his lips. Being close, he felt a heaviness in his throat. How could he ever hurt something so precious? He wanted her back so much, it was difficult to keep control, to keep the thickness out of his voice. She held him too. She had pressed herself against his thigh, straining against him as though he were in fact trying to push her away. He tried to look at her face, but she kept her head buried in his neck. She stayed like that for a long time, breathing through her mouth. He finally looked into her eyes, sure that he would see the fear there which was becoming familiar to him. She looked at him, brows compressed in a line over her soft dark eyes.


And her expression, the way she spoke, her beautiful disarming frankness, filled him with love. He kissed her forehead, her fragrant hair. She fell asleep in his arms.

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  1. OMG, JB!!! Mills & Boon revisited, haunyare kunyora zvinonyadzisira… Of quivering members and roaring fires raging in tender loins…heh

    My two cents – There is emotional brilliance in the paragraph that starts, “It wasnt just a question…”, seems to contrast sharply with the light bhaud scenes though.

  2. Mos Native, we are two philistines of a kind. I too was thinking that this had veered into M & B territory. When does the old emotionally lax JB come back, we miss him. This ‘new and improved’ metro man in touch with his feelings, uh….hatina shuwa naye.

  3. “emotionally lax” …lol… or is this character the smooth alter ego to the jambanja dude?

    Its a compliment; M&B may not be literary classics but their sex scenes fire up the imagination! I remember (WAAAAAAY back 😉 thumbing through them to the interesting bits…

  4. lol really Mos Native…
    JB u say its just a story…
    hmm maybe its an extract from a book that you are working on…
    u know that autobiography.. the life and times of ….
    El maybe JB has grown up and is getting in touch with his feminine side

  5. I’ve never read M&B , but this is what I imagine its like. Not sure how I feel about this Metro Black. Not sure about the story either. Imagine if the story were made into a motion picture. It’d be very early 90s. I swear I can even hear the Saxophone going. The description of the flick would include the phrase ‘soft core’ and the picture would have that warm soft lighting. I know I’m going out on one hell of a limb here and will probably get the mother of all blastings, but. I’M JUST FUCKING SAYIN! 😉

  6. LOL at all of you buggers! Don’t worry Elle, it really is just a story and yeah, the old rough and tumble me is still here. But you know what they say, you judge a writer by his sex scenes … well, by this standard I’m poor!

    Tara, this one I’ll let you get away with it, it’s got a kinda made-for-tv feel don’t it?

  7. harsh Ele harsh.

    That being said I’m still bitter about the role of fleeting hipster suffering from white guilt so I’m happy the scene has shifted to characters getting their rocks off.

  8. Eleanor, this sort of thing rarely makes it to DVD. You remember channel 5 in the UK? Even they don’t play these any more.

    JB, I appreciate you not busting my balls. Thanks.

  9. God, I hope not on this strand. I read this in the office and blushed as much as a darkie is physiologically able to. I ain’t sure yet whether it was due to embarrassment over how uncharacteristically ‘erotic’ (best word to describe it right now) the content of the article is or if it was the quality. You know like how love scenes on the screen have a different feel to them. Think Madonna and Willem Dafoe in Body of Evidence vs Viggo Mortensen and Maria Bello in A History Of Violence (or any love scene with Viggo actually). Both are intense. But guess which I find intensely awkward and has a similar feel to the story above?

    Which begs the question, what are the worst, best, hilariously awful sex scenes in moving picture? Nothing obscure please. I’d include books but I am a philistine and the books some people (coughelle) mention tend to be classics. The most and onlyclassical book I have ever (voluntarily) read is the Bible (okay it wasn’t exactly voluntary, more like pretended to enjoy reading it when in fact I just didn’t want to find my ass in hell).

    PS: The Halle and Billy Bob scenes were (sex) on fire! (Am listening to the kings of leon. Sorry!)

    PPS: I ain’t looking for a fight?! Really.

  10. Well, things have been dodgy on the website DNS front today, someone killed the site. Fine now, looks like.

    I dunno about more installments, will see if I’m inspired. Though I’m not sure there’ll be much more bhaud.

  11. Anonymous, I think 20 quid might be too much. By the time you finished writing that, I am sure it was half that.

  12. Actually, I could send you a few, a 100, 50, 20 as well. Since we’re paying freight anyway, might as well throw in a few more souvenirs in there. Holler at your boy.

    Really, you should see these new notes. And everyone is pulling it out, then imagining all the old zeros back on, the noughts could cover HALF THE FUCKING NOTE!

  13. I thought they had knocked off a bunch of Zeros to get rid of this Trillion bullshit. Is inflation that bad it took less than 6 months to be back at square one? I wonder where we’d be at had the zeros remained. I wonder what they’d have pulled out of their asses then. Well, at least the talks today could be the beginning of the end. LMAO!

  14. A friend of mine bought a box of cornflakes for 9.7 trillion on Monday. The same box today cost 33 trillion. The size of the box hasn’t changed, the contents are still the same, except 2 days older but someone woke up, pulled some zeroes out of their arse and set a new price. Complete and utter madness.

  15. Good thing Joe ain’t lookin to buy a hose. How much is the average house in the average neighbourhood anyway? Just tell me in zeroes. 🙂

  16. Houses? Nobody prices houses in ZWD anymore, not that I know of. It would be madness, too. Imagine something like $100,000 then multiply by … say, 100,000,000 to a dollar.

    Do the math, and I don’t even know if that’s the rate.

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