Swazi Princess Sikhanyiso Sings And Raps For Daddy

Ladies and gentlefolk, meet Her Royal Highness Princess Sikhanyiso Dhlamini of Swaziland.

The princess, nicknamed “Pashu” in the mountain kingdom (don’t ask why, no fecking clue), has a music video.

In this song, titled “Hail Your Majesty”, the princess heaps copious amounts of shit praise upon her daddy, King Mswati III.

Highlights include “The splendour of your touch is magical ...” – I know, I’m uncomfortable too, but I don’t really wanna know!

But my favourite, favouritest part comes when she starts rapping (yes, she raps) at the 2’20 mark.

The time has come and the time is now, for King Mswati’s dreams to manifest within …” – again, oddly discomfiting.

He was just a young prince when he turned eighteen, who coulda known that he would become King?

Well, let’s see. You, me, the passing postman, that homeless dude over there, EVERYfeckingBODY knew that he would become king.

And then she has a little bit of a shuffle, kick and dance! Best. Music. Video. Ever.

I tell you, the internet is a virtual goldmine of wonderful things, and for me, this is definitely today’s Thing.

Wow. These fecking people, eh?


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