The Drum Circle of Life

Fanonites and Fanon-lites,
Making Fanon sounds for foreign Likes,

Baby Bantus and Mini Malcom Exes,
Portly public figures expanding off excesses,

Social-media socialists and supper club socialites,
Spouting Sankarra, sharing Shakur,
Pretending to care for the poor.

Jet-lagging hangovers in another Insta-location,
Collecting per diems as an actual vocation.

Workshop warriors in air-cooled land boats,
Donating just enough for local hope to stay afloat,

Holding pot lucks to save the African wild,
Yet saving no fecks for the African child,

The Fun Day fundraisers, the comic relievers,
Charity concertgoers applauding opera divas,

The virgin Madonnas and Angels who fell into pitts,
Picking pickanins piecemeal using African baby starter kits,

Never mind,

The real target of this entire intervention,
Is how to get with that cute Swedish volunteer?

Lean in, smile, don’t forget to mention,
This Is Africa, laugh, and buy another local beer,
Job done.